California’s 22nd District Agriculture Association Updates with OpenGov Online Procurement Software

On the job for one day, a new contract supervisor for California’s 22nd District Agricultural Association (22nd DAA) learned an up-to-date contract list and other must-haves were unavailable. That meant it was time to partner with OpenGov, the leader in modern cloud software for our nation’s cities and government agencies, on online procurement software. 

The 22nd DAA, also known as the Del Mar Fairgrounds, is home to the San Diego County Fair. The fairgrounds gain revenue from other events, including concerts, festivals, trade shows, expos, animal shows, sporting events, and more. With a completely paper and Excel-based procurement process, the 22nd DAA was overdue for updated systems. As a new fair season approached, staff needed a solution in place to efficiently tackle the large volume of procurement requests coming in the door. The blue-ribbon choice? OpenGov Procurement.

With OpenGov Procurement, Association staff will spend up to 75% less time developing solicitations thanks to automated and collaborative guided workflows that will help them create RFPs and bids in record time. Without having to wade through papers and Excel spreadsheets, staff will know exactly how many bids the district has open and who has responded to them—it will be all there at their fingertips. Best of all, OpenGov’s proactive contract management software will provide staff with instant accessibility to contracts in a single, centralized source. By tracking milestones and setting alerts, staff will never miss a contract deadline, keeping the Association in compliance.

The 22nd District Agriculture Association joins more than 1,600 public sector organizations leveraging OpenGov to revolutionize work processes with cloud-based software designed specifically for the needs of government. 

About OpenGov

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Published: January 20, 2023