Campbell County Unveils OpenGov to Increase Transparency for Taxpayers, Citizen Engagement


The Campbell County Fiscal Court unveiled an online platform through which the public can more easily access the county government’s financial information.

The county’s finance team launched the tool, OpenGov, in a presentation to the Fiscal Court. In addition to current financial information available on the county website, including budget, audit, and vendor data, Campbell County’s use of OpenGov intends to bring increased transparency to the taxpayer and citizen engagement.

OpenGov is a transparency tool that many public agencies nationwide have implemented to promote greater financial literacy and collaboration with an informed public. Through this tool, now accessible on Campbell County’s website (under the Transparency menu), any citizen can view a range of reports including revenues and expenditures for the current budget year, as well as previous years’ actuals, fund balances, and detailed check registers.

A key feature of the OpenGov platform is the ability to easily analyze data through visualization using charts and graphs. The new tool will be updated with claims details once they are formally approved by the Fiscal Court. Monthly revenue and expenditure balances and fund balances will be updated once each financial month is completed.

“Openness, accountability, and transparency are not just empty words in Campbell County,” said Judge/Executive Steve Pendery. “The debut of OpenGov in Campbell County is a user-friendly and more detailed platform by which we can communicate our financial transactions and positions. The citizens of Campbell County can now view a multitude of reports that very clearly indicate where every penny of their dollar is placed.”

While the features of this tool will be updated and enhanced going forward, Campbell County has loaded information dating back to 2012 into the tool’s initial offerings, and those interested can search and filter large amounts of data in a variety of ways.

“On behalf of our entire finance team, I am pleased to introduce the OpenGov platform tonight,” said Marie Schenkel, Campbell County Finance Director. “We have worked diligently to research, select, and prepare the right tool to offer the community to be able to quickly and conveniently see where each dollar is being spent.”

Campbell County encourages the public to explore this tool featured on the county website and to offer feedback and/or send in questions about the tool. It is also accessible via the link.

By: OpenGov
Published: December 27, 2016
Source: Campbell County Unveils OpenGov to Increase Transparency for Taxpayers, Citizen Engagement