City of Chowchilla, CA, to Improve Reach on Solicitations with OpenGov

Faced with a limited reach of solicitations and high bids due to low competition, the City of Chowchilla, California needed a modern, comprehensive solution to enhance its procurement process. To address these issues, Chowchilla turned to OpenGov, a top-tier software solution renowned for its efficiency and all-encompassing services tailored for local government.

Located in the heart of the San Joaquin Valley, Chowchilla’s manual solicitation development and paper-driven process for managing contracts had resulted in slow processes and a lack of easy collaboration across departments. In addition, the City needed a solution that provided a larger reach for solicitations, competitive bids from a larger vendor pool, and time savings with automated workflows and templates. OpenGov Procurement emerged as the clear choice due to its robust customer support and dedication to providing a solution purpose built for local government.

With the implementation of OpenGov Procurement, the City of Chowchilla anticipates a revolution in its procurement process. The new system is expected to dramatically improve inter-departmental collaboration on RFP scope and solicitation development. Additionally, the transition to OpenGov’s software will provide a more secure online repository of contracts and efficient contract management, delivering further time savings and operational efficiency to the City. The best part: The City can anticipate a potential 225% increase in vendor responses, helping to drive down costs.

The City of Chowchilla joins thousands of public sector organizations leveraging OpenGov to revolutionize work processes with cloud-based software designed specifically for the needs of government. 

About OpenGov

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Published: July 7, 2023