City of Marble Falls, TX, Modernizes Procurement by Expanding OpenGov Partnership

Faced with cumbersome manual steps and paper-based processes, the City of Marble Falls, TX, was looking for a modern solution. After a detailed search, the City decided to expand its partnership with OpenGov, the leader in procurement software for our nation’s local governments.

Located one hour outside Austin, the City of Marble Falls is renowned for its commitment to effective governance and community service. In its search, the City wanted a system that could provide a single source of truth for procurement data and help standardize operating procedures in solicitation development. Seeking a solution to these issues, the City was impressed by the automated solicitation development offered by OpenGov Procurement, which promised to significantly streamline its procurement work.

The adoption of OpenGov Procurement marks a new chapter for the City of Marble Falls. With the new system, the City will be able to realize a major shift in how it manages procurement, with benefits like reduced review time, self-service vendor management, and enhanced contracts management. The software’s ability to provide a centralized platform for all procurement activities is particularly appealing, promising significant improvements in efficiency and accuracy.

The City of Marble Falls now joins a growing list of public sector organizations that have embraced OpenGov to revolutionize operational processes. This move signifies a step towards a more efficient, transparent, and responsive government, aligning with the city’s mission to serve its community effectively.

About OpenGov

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Published: December 13, 2023