City of Spring Hill, TN, Set to Improve Capital Planning with OpenGov

Looking for a different way to do budgeting that would eliminate the need for Excel and the use of time-consuming manual steps, the City of Spring Hill, TN, wanted a new solution. It found the answer in OpenGov, the leading software provider recognized for its advanced capabilities and user-friendly features.

Located 45 minutes outside Nashville, the City of Spring Hill recently faced a large sewer development project that required the full energy of its staff and underscored its need for a new budgeting system. In the seach for a new system, the City wanted a platform that offered an ERP integration and potential for creating a GFOA-worthy budget book. OpenGov Budgeting & Planning caught the City’s attention for its comprehensive functionality and superior customer support.

With the transition to OpenGov Budgeting & Planning, the City of Spring Hill receives a top-tier platform to support budgeting and financial planning. The shift will help City staff save time in creating the budget while also enhancing the visibility of core capital projects. Moreover, the software’s ability to facilitate better capital planning will be a boon for the City’s financial department.

The City of Spring Hill, TN joins thousands of public sector organizations leveraging OpenGov to innovate work processes with cloud-based software tailored exclusively for governmental needs.

About OpenGov

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Published: September 25, 2023