City of Urbana, Illinois, Reduces Risk with OpenGov’s Online Procurement Management System

A lack of standardized procurement processes put the City of Urbana, IL, at risk, so officials partnered with OpenGov, the leader in modern cloud software for our nation’s cities, on an online procurement management system. 

The City, the County Seat of Champaign County, lacked standard Procurement procedures, legal language in contracts, and a repository of existing contracts. The lack of standardization was significant, so much so that it led one staff member to declare the City had “60 different Procurement processes, contracts, and requirements for the 60 different people who might need to do an RFP per year.” The time-consuming process rippled throughout City Hall, pulling numerous staff members away from higher-priority tasks. Staff needed an easy-to-use automated system that would safeguard the City. They needed OpenGov Procurement.

OpenGov Procurement features collaborative, guided workflows with intelligent boilerplates—including necessary legal language—that will save staff significant solicitation development time. Staff will enjoy a shared scope of work standard template library, stakeholder task assignment reporting, and redlining and detailed auditing. All in all, staff can expect to spend 75% less time creating solicitations, giving them more time for strategic initiatives. Plus, OpenGov Procurement includes a searchable contract repository so staff can easily find and review existing contracts.

The City of Urbana joins more than 1,600 public sector organizations leveraging OpenGov to revolutionize work processes with cloud-based software designed specifically for the needs of government. 

About OpenGov

OpenGov is the leader in modern cloud software for our nation’s cities, counties, and state agencies. With a mission to power more effective and accountable government, OpenGov serves more than 1,600 agencies across the U.S. and is built exclusively for the unique budgeting, procurement, asset management, and citizen services needs of the public sector. The OpenGov Cloud makes organizations more collaborative and efficient and enables best-in-class communication with stakeholders and community.

Published: December 29, 2022