County of Boulder, CO, Expands OpenGov Partnership to Level Up Asset Management

Looking for a system that would offer a GIS integration and centralize its asset management efforts, the County of Boulder, CO, was on the hunt for a new software provider. It found the solution by expanding its partnership with OpenGov, the trusted provider of cloud software purpose-built for local government.

Located just 30 minutes from Denver, the County of Boulder is always looking for ways to innovate. In its search for a new system, County leadership prioritized finding a platform that could eliminate work duplication, provide data visualization, and integrate with GIS and other key County systems. The decision to adopt Cartegraph Asset Management was driven by its ability to offer a mobile application for efficient work order processing, and by the strong existing partnership the County already has with OpenGov.

With the adoption of Cartegraph Asset Management, the County of Boulder will soon be able to leverage cutting-edge tools in its asset management work. The system’s mobile application has the potential to streamline the work order process, while its integration capabilities will help significantly improve cost tracking and reporting processes. This innovative approach is set to enhance the efficiency of field operations, enable real-time data access, and offer comprehensive inventory management across all locations.

The County of Boulder, CO, joins a multitude of public sector organizations leveraging OpenGov’s cloud-based software, designed to meet the unique challenges of government operations. The adoption of Cartegraph Asset Management marks a significant step towards optimized asset management and enhanced service delivery for the County.

About OpenGov

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Published: November 29, 2023