Gilpin County, CO Wins Government Experience Award for Innovative Leadership

September 21, 2020 – Gilpin County was named a Government Experience Award winner by the Center for Digital Government for its innovative leadership and smart use of technology.

Gilpin County is gaining much-deserved attention at home and nationally for its virtual comprehensive plan development sequence, which was enabled by OpenGov’s cloud-based platform.

Gilpin County launched a multi-stage, virtual comprehensive plan sequence using OpenGov to gather and analyze the community’s ideas and preferences about the ideal future state of the County to inform a new comprehensive plan and economic development strategy.

The County began a year-long cloud transformation journey just before the pandemic hit. “Rather than retrench, we decided to capitalize on heightened resident engagement to gather the insights and opinions of nearly 20% of our population to rewrite the County’s comprehensive plan and chart an economic path through the crisis and into the future,” describes County Manager Abel Montoya.

OpenGov Vice President Claudia Arriaga shared, “We are thrilled to support Gilpin County in its incredible cloud transformation effort by 1) helping the County align its strategic plan with the priorities of its community with Open Town Hall, 2) enabling the County to meet its goals with our Permitting, Licensing, and Code Enforcement suite, and 3) and powering its ongoing transparency and performance measures with our Reporting and Transparency platform.”


About OpenGov

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Published: September 21, 2020