La Grange, Illinois, Keeps Growth Pace with OpenGov Digital Permitting Software

Leaders from the growing Village of La Grange, IL, needed to keep up with the community’s digital permitting and licensing needs, so they partnered with OpenGov, the leader in modern cloud software for our nation’s cities, for digital permitting software.

The Village, a Chicago suburb located in Cook County, experiences a population growth rate of a half percent annually. To support this growth, leaders knew they needed a more modern and intuitive permitting and licensing process. After assessing several digital permitting solutions, leaders found that OpenGov Citizen Services was the most user-friendly and addressed the root cause of the Village’s issues, not just the symptoms.

Using simple drag-and-drop functionality, staff will be able to design forms and workflows for a variety of needs, including building permits, business licenses, zoning approvals, and more. Contractors, business owners, and property owners will be guided through a short questionnaire on the self-service portal that will lead them to the right application that they can complete, submit, and pay for online. Once the application is submitted, it flows seamlessly through the review process, taking less time than manual or legacy systems. That means La Grange will have happier customers and more productive staff, who can process applications up to five times faster.

The Village of La Grange joins more than 1,100 public sector organizations leveraging OpenGov’s zoning software to revolutionize work processes with cloud-based software designed specifically for the needs of government. 

About OpenGov

OpenGov is the leader in modern cloud software for our nation’s cities, counties, and state agencies. On a mission to power more effective and accountable government, OpenGov serves more than 1,100 agencies across the U.S.  Built exclusively for the unique budgeting, procurement, and citizen services needs of the public sector, the OpenGov Cloud makes organizations more collaborative, digitizes mission-critical processes, and enables best-in-class communication with stakeholders.

Published: June 28, 2022