Shippensburg Borough Water Department, PA, Modernizes with OpenGov’s Cartegraph Asset Management

Wanting to update its approach to asset management, Shippensburg Borough Water Department, PA, was on the hunt for a new software vendor. Embracing the future of asset management, the Department chose to partner with OpenGov, the leader in asset management software for the public sector.

The Shippensburg Borough Water Department serves over 18,800 residents in Shippensburg Borough, Orrstown Borough, Shippensburg Township, Southampton Cumberland Township, Southampton Franklin Township, and a portion of Letterkenny Township. The Department was focused on modernizing its work to better serve its residents and wanted to start by eliminating pen-and-paper tracking and finding a way to unify its disjointed systems. 

In its quest for a new platform, the Department wanted a platform that could integrate with other systems, seamlessly handle inspections and work orders, and provide user-friendly integrations with other systems. Cartegraph Asset Management emerged as the top choice for its innovative features, GIS integration, and high-quality mobile work capabilities, tailored to meet the Department’s specific requirements.

In adopting Cartegraph Asset Management, the Shippensburg Borough Water Department will soon have access to transformative modern tools for asset management, including streamlined asset tracking, executive-level dashboards, and automated work orders. In addition, the new system will help eliminate paperwork and manual steps. The shift promises to improve operational efficiency while also aligning with the Department’s commitment to innovation and sustainable management.

Shippensburg Borough Water Department is now among the numerous public sector entities that have chosen OpenGov’s cloud-based solutions to modernize their operations, ensuring effective management and future readiness.

About OpenGov

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Published: December 13, 2023