Town of Glocester, RI, Enhances Development Coordination with Residents and Personnel with OpenGov

The Town of Glocester, RI, was looking for a system to help it eliminate paper processes and remove manual steps from its permitting workflows. It discovered the ideal partner in OpenGov, the leader in permitting and licensing software for our nation’s local governments.

Located outside of Providence, the Town of Glocester is constantly seeking ways to bridge silos between departments and ensure smoother governmental operations. During its search for a new software vendor, the Town prioritized finding a single platform that could provide a holistic view and ease coordination across teams. OpenGov Permitting & Licensing emerged as a top contender due to its dedicated customer service, pledge to deliver a one-stop solution, and strong regional reputation.

With the adoption of OpenGov Permitting & Licensing, Glocester can anticipate a change in its operational capabilities. This strategic move promises to unify departments under a single platform, ensuring that everyone has visibility into ongoing projects and tasks. Moreover, by transitioning from cumbersome manual systems to this advanced software, the town foresees improved efficiency, reduced administrative burdens, and optimized service delivery to its residents.

The Town of Glocester joins thousands of public sector organizations leveraging OpenGov to revolutionize work processes with cloud-based software designed specifically for the needs of government.

About OpenGov

OpenGov is the leader in modern cloud software for cities, counties, state agencies, school districts, and special districts. With a mission to power more effective and accountable government, OpenGov serves thousands of public sector leaders and their organizations. We are built exclusively for the unique budgeting and planning, accounting, permitting and licensing, procurement, and asset management needs of the public sector. The OpenGov Cloud makes organizations more collaborative and efficient, enabling best-in-class communication with stakeholders and your community.

Published: August 23, 2023