Town of Ithaca, New York, Partners with OpenGov to Update Permitting and Licensing Processes

April 28, 2021 – The Town of Ithaca, NY, has partnered with OpenGov, the leader in modern cloud ERP software for our nation’s cities, counties, and state agencies, to update its permitting and licensing processes via OpenGov Citizen Services.

The Town of Ithaca decided to switch to OpenGov when its service-level commitments to constituents were being impacted because of limited software capabilities. Applicants will soon be able to apply for permits and licenses online, receive real-time feedback on their applications, and track the status of their requests through a single digital portal.

“We’re looking forward to partnering with the Town of Ithaca on its mission of constituent service,” said OpenGov Global Vice President of Customer Success & Business Development Claudia Arriaga. “Transitioning to OpenGov will provide the Town and its constituents with necessary solutions to meet their needs for years to come.”

The Town of Ithaca joins more than 1,000 public sector organizations leveraging OpenGov to revolutionize work processes with cloud-based software designed specifically for the needs of government. OpenGov will serve the Town with software that automates permitting and licensing approval processes and provides a user-friendly online portal for applicants. OpenGov will also help Ithaca aggregate its data from various sources for improved insights via OpenGov Reporting & Transparency.

About OpenGov
OpenGov is the leader in providing our nation’s state agencies and local governments with modern cloud software to help power more effective and accountable government. Built exclusively for the unique budgeting, financial, and community development needs of the public sector, OpenGov solutions help our more than 1,000 customers plan effectively, increase efficiency, and improve engagement through better collaboration and transparency.

Published: April 28, 2021