Town of Snowmass Village, Colorado, Improves Accountability and Transparency with Cartegraph Building and Infrastructure Management Software

Striving to be a more accountable and transparent municipality, leaders in the Town of Snowmass Village, Colorado, partnered with Cartegraph, the leader in municipal asset management software, to manage critical infrastructure assets, track digital work orders, and empower data-driven decision-making-.

Snowmass Village, a small resort community northwest of Aspen, needed help managing municipal facilities, the stormwater network, and transportation and traffic network infrastructure assets. In addition, leaders were exploring a solution to better manage snow plow operations. In short, the Town needed an operations management solution that would help them manage any asset  more efficiently, effectively, and proactively. To manage assets indoors, outdoors, above, and below-ground, they needed Cartegraph.

Cartegraph will help the Town of Snowmass Village become a high-performance, data-driven municipality. Using the robust software system, staff can track conditions, costs, and work history of assets and facilities. That way, they will understand where an asset is in its lifecycle to proactively schedule maintenance tasks. Cartegraph also has the ability to plan what-if scenarios to help Town leaders be more accountable by planning for future budgets and capital improvement projects.

The Town of Snowmass Village joins hundreds of state and local governments, utilities, parks, and schools that tap into Cartegraph’s asset management, work order management, and space management software to better manage their assets, track work, optimize space, and spend smarter.

About Cartegraph

Cartegraph, an OpenGov company, builds safer, more resilient and sustainable communities through better stewardship of buildings and critical infrastructure. They offer powerful, intuitive SaaS solutions that help government agencies, utilities, and educational institutions manage their physical assets and associated operations. With Cartegraph software, users optimize the life of their infrastructure, deploy maintenance resources efficiently and increase productivity to drive high-performance operations. For more information, visit

Published: April 27, 2022