Town of Waterford, CT, Streamlines Procurement Processes with OpenGov

Wanting to streamline the laborious work of creating bids and managing contracts, the Town of Waterford, Connecticut, sought a modern solution to enhance its procurement processes. After reviewing the field, the Town decided to partner with OpenGov, the leader in procurement software for our nation’s local governments.

Located just 45 minutes from New Haven, the Town of Waterford is always looking for opportunities to innovate across departments. In its search for a new procurement system, the Town wanted to find a platform that could replace inefficient paper-based systems and improve departmental communication. It also wanted to centralize and simplify the procurement process, and significantly cut down development time. The comprehensive solution provided by OpenGov Procurement stood out for its capability to improve internal decision-making and increase vendor engagement, addressing the Town’s focus on improving communication and increasing vendor responses.

With the implementation of OpenGov Procurement, Waterford is poised for transformative change. The new system has the potential not only to streamline procurement processes but also to enable a more efficient and effective means of internal and external communication around procurement. The Town may also see enhanced vendor response rates and improved productivity.

The Town of Waterford, CT, joins a growing number of public sector entities that are revolutionizing their operations with OpenGov’s innovative, cloud-based software, designed specifically to meet the complex needs of government agencies.

About OpenGov

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Published: November 29, 2023