Township of Violet, OH, Streamlines Permitting and Licensing with OpenGov

Amid the daily challenges of managing a bustling township office and the constant communication from applicants and contractors, the Township of Violet, Fairfield County, OH, recognized the need for a more efficient system. Leaders found the solution in OpenGov, the leading software provider enhancing efficiency and streamlining processes for local government.

Located in Fairfield County, the Township of Violet is known for its commitment to efficient service delivery. Yet the lag of manual procedures and the constant flow of walk-ins seeking permits posed significant challenges to its permitting and licensing work. In searching for a solution, the Township sought a platform that could offer a customer-facing portal, facilitate online payments, and streamline its permitting process. OpenGov Permitting & Licensing emerged as the ideal solution due to its comprehensive features designed to modernize the process, significantly reducing the need for manual and in-person tasks.

By implementing OpenGov Permitting & Licensing, the Township of Violet anticipates major improvements in its operational processes. The Township looks forward to providing a more accessible portal for applicants, leading to fewer interruptions and an overall increase in customer satisfaction. Additionally, the introduction of online payments will ensure timely collection and tracking of payments, eliminating the need for chasing unpaid fees. Furthermore, the time savings and efficiency gained by digitizing the permitting process will be a considerable relief for the Township, allowing staff to focus on strategic tasks that will better serve the community.

The Township of Violet joins thousands of public sector organizations leveraging OpenGov to revolutionize work processes with cloud-based government software designed specifically for the needs of the public sector. 

About OpenGov

OpenGov is the leader in modern cloud software for cities, counties, state agencies, school districts, and special districts. With a mission to power more effective and accountable government, OpenGov serves thousands of public sector leaders and their organizations. We are built exclusively for the unique budgeting and planning, accounting, permitting and licensing, procurement, and asset management needs of the public sector. The OpenGov Cloud makes organizations more collaborative and efficient, enabling best-in-class communication with stakeholders and your community.

Published: July 14, 2023