Accela, OpenGov Forge Financial Intell Partnership for Govt Clients; Maury Blackman Comments


Accela and OpenGov have formed a partnership to provide financial intelligence to customer agencies and their constituents through an integrated technology platform.

An integration of Accela’s Finance and Administration and OpenGov technologies will transition financial data to OpenGov’s cloud platform and allow public officials and citizens to gain insights on government spending and performance, OpenGov said Tuesday.

“One key aspect to increasing citizen engagement and trust is providing insight into city financials and spending priorities,” noted Maury Blackman, president and CEO of Accela.

Blackman added the companies aim to help government clients “build trust within their communities, gain better insight from constituents and improve operations by collaborating with other similar governments,” Blackman added.

Through its civic platform, Accela also intends to help governments share financial dashboards, access transactions and search for vendors, provide employees access to data, streamline the benchmarking process and publish transparency sites.

By: OpenGov
Published: May 4, 2016
Source: ExecutiveBiz