City of Greenville unveils new financial transparency tool


GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – The biggest city in the east is aiming to be one of the most transparent local governments in the area.

Greenville Assistant City Manager Michael Cowin unveiled the city’s new financial transparency tool Thursday.

The tool is available on the city’s website and allows you to track spending across all city departments.

Visitors can even break departments down to specific budget categories, like street maintenance or vehicle repairs, and can track city revenues as well.

Cowin says it’s a great way for residents to better understand the city’s budget.

“This is our first step in providing information out to the community that gives them an indication in a graphical format of our revenues and expenses of the city so they can clearly see how their dollars are being utilized month to month to impact their livelihood,” he explains.

The tool is powered by OpenGov and is being used by hundreds of cities around the country.

By: OpenGov
Published: September 22, 2016
Source: City of Greenville unveils new financial transparency tool