New Transparency Tool for the City of Upper Arlington


The city of Upper Arlington plans to launch a new online tool to allow its staffers and the public to analyze city revenues and expenditures.

City officials hope to launch OpenGov through its website,, as soon as next month.

The city has entered into a three-year agreement with OpenGov for the online service. The total cost, including a one-time start-up fee, is $23,000.

During the 2016 State of the City address last January, city officials pledged to improve community outreach and implement tools to study financial efficiency.

One option to make actions more transparent and easier for both staff and the public to keep tabs on city financial data was through the use of OpenGov, an online, interactive and shareable service.

Users will be able to view a wealth of information related to city finances, said Brent Lewis, Upper Arlington’s assistant finance director.

“It’s a transparency tool,” Lewis said. “It’s going to be going to be available internally and externally, as well.”

Lewis said OpenGov is more dynamic than Ohio Checkbook, a feature on the Ohio Treasurer’s Office website that allows users to track public revenues and expenditures.

“It’s a more robust version where we can show revenues, we can show budgets,” he said. “Currently, what we have built into the system are budgets vs. actual reports.

“Those will probably be our first release to the public. We’re still going through some testing … (but) we’re hoping it will be sometime next month for the initial launch.”


By: OpenGov
Published: August 24, 2016
Source: ‘Transparency tool’ will cost K