City of Miami Rolls Out Financial Transparency Platform

Just weeks after announcing a new strategic plan with a commitment to public engagement and transparency, the City of Miami announced today a new financial data platform powered by that provides residents and city officials unprecedented access to the City’s budget information. The user-friendly platform transforms volumes of raw spreadsheet budget data into highly-visual, interactive charts and graphs that enable better analysis and understanding of the City’s budget. The tool is accessed at

Miami residents and staff can now view long-term budget trends and quickly drill down into specific financial detail through the OpenGov platform. Residents can answer questions such as: “what are the City’s revenues for this year;” “what was the Parks and Recreation Department budget over the past five years;” or “what are the city’s general fund expenditures by department?”

Users can access the City’s current year budget (Fiscal Year 2014-2015), compare it to previous years dating to 2011, and instantly view revenues and expenses by fund, department and expense type on interactivegraphs. City officials and staff also have better access to financial data, which will increase efficiency in analyzing and reporting financial information.

The OpenGov platform is part of a broader transparency initiative to make the City’s financial, operating and performance information available and easily accessible to the public.

“Taxpayers now have unprecedented access to the budget and the City’s financial data in an intuitive format that clearly shows how their money is collected and spent,” said City Manager Daniel J. Alfonso. “We are acting upon our strategic plan to make the City of Miami more accessible, efficient and transparent.”

“Miami is a world-class city that is leading the way in financial transparency and access,” says Zachary Bookman, CEO and co-founder of OpenGov. “By making its budget data easily accessible to residents and staff, the City demonstrates its commitment to efficient, responsive and transparent government.”

With today’s release, the City of Miami is the largest municipality in South Florida to leverage the OpenGov platform. The City joins a growing list of over 250 leading cities, counties, state agencies, school systems and special districts across the country that leverage the OpenGov platform.

Published: January 8, 2015