Introducing OpenGov Intelligence™

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We are thrilled to introduce OpenGov Intelligence™, the next generation of OpenGov’s operational reporting technology for 21st century governing. OpenGov Intelligence enables administrators to discover, share, and compare data across departments and even other governments. It speeds up report generation, expands the range of reports administrators can create and integrates current data.

“OpenGov Intelligence is the solution to some of our customers’ biggest pain points and hindered workflows,” said Zac Bookman OpenGov CEO Co-Founder. “We believe that transparency starts from within. With these powerful internal reporting capabilities, we’re empowering all members of the enterprise to make better use of their data and apply it to monthly, weekly and even daily decision making.”

OpenGov Intelligence™ builds on our award-winning transparency technology that transforms complex financial data into intuitive, interactive visualizations for everyone to better understand. With OpenGov Intelligence, government officials and department heads gain unprecedented access to information that improves efficiency and leads to better policy decisions.

What’s new with OpenGov Intelligence:

  • Visualize anything with new report types. Go beyond budget and General Ledger reports to understand any aspect of your operations. Link data to your chart of accounts to allow you to create and explore new multi-fund reports with a few clicks.
  • Work with non-financial data. Upload any and all non-financial data (e.g., crime statistics, response times, utilities consumption, environmental data, etc.) and share internally or externally.
  • Share and distribute reports internally. Sharing permissions allow you to create reports for managers, mayors, department heads, and anyone inside your government. Now you can create internal reports, or more easily review external reports before they are published.
  • Simplify your Chart of Accounts. Ensure that complex financial data is presented in a way that non-financial personnel can easily understand and use with our new Chart of Accounts “masking” capability.
  • Simplify your budget process with new Budget Milestone Reports. Publish budgets for internal and external review, throughout the budget process.

The finance department in McKinney, TX uses OpenGov Intelligence to share real-time year-to-date operational insights with their department heads and save valuable staff time. The team can evaluate revenues and expenses against previous years and immediately determine whether their department is self-sustaining. The City also built their Employee Compensation report using OpenGov Intelligence, gaining new insights into payroll data.

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Published: September 16, 2015