OpenGov and CoProcure Partner to Give Agencies Unprecedented Access to Contracts Across the Country

OpenGov and CoProcure are thrilled to announce their partnership, which will provide OpenGov Procurement’s customers access to CoProcure’s marketplace of cooperative contracts accessible directly from the OpenGov Procurement Suite. 

CoProcure empowers public servants to find and utilize more than 50,000 cooperative contracts from over 300 hundred sources, all in one place, for free. OpenGov is the leader in modern cloud software for our nation’s cities, counties, and state agencies. Its award-winning Procurement Suite streamlines the purchasing process by providing end-to-end automation across solicitation development, proposal evaluations, supplier interactions,and contract management.

Now, instead of spending time running a new solicitation process, OpenGov Procurement users can view and leverage contracts in CoProcure’s database that meet their project’s needs. Leveraging tens of thousands of existing contracts from CoProcure’s dataset of national cooperatives, state, or local public entities provides an alternative to running new solicitations and empowers procurement professionals to save time and potentially achieve meaningful cost savings. 

“Offering the right tools at the right time to support procurement professionals enables them to focus on being effective business partners and ensure enjoyable experiences for vendors. Now, in addition to our customers already being able to leverage the industry’s most efficient and automated solicitation development tool, the CoProcure integration provides our customers with one-click access to cooperative contracts to save them valuable time, ” explained Thao Jones- Hill, SVP Product OpenGov Procurement.

Current CoProcure users who already use OpenGov are also benefiting from this partnership. These users can take advantage of everything CoProcure offers without leaving the OpenGov platform—no more switching back and forth between sites.

“As an early adopter of OpenGov and a strong believer in the capacity for cooperative contracting to streamline the contracting process, while saving staff time and overall costs, I think the partnership between OpenGov and CoProcure is right on the money!” Shared Chris Schroeder, Purchasing Agent at the City of Milpitas in California.

About OpenGov Procurement
OpenGov Procurement provides award-winning end-to-end procurement automation through solicitation development, supplier interactions and contract management—Purpose-built for government. To learn more, click here

About CoProcure
CoProcure empowers public servants to find and utilize contracts from national purchasing cooperatives, states, and local entities all in one place, for free. Today, thousands of procurement professionals use CoProcure each month to save time and deliver better, faster public services. Schedule a demo to learn more today!

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Published: July 28, 2022