Seminole County Tax Collector Partners with OpenGov to Adopt Cloud Platform for Effectiveness and Accountability

OpenGov Makes it Easier for Seminole County Tax Collector to Track and Communicate Performance

SANFORD, FL & REDWOOD CITY, CA February 19, 2019 – Today, Seminole County Tax Collector Joel Greenberg announced that his office is partnering with OpenGov—the leader in government budgeting, performance and communications—to further increase its effectiveness and accountability.

“One of the key goals as Seminole County Tax Collector was to utilize technology to provide better service for Seminole County residents, and by adding this cloud-based service we’re one step closer to meeting this goal,” Greenberg says. “Technology has demonstrated the ability to make our office significantly more efficient and accountable, both with customers and with our behind-the-scenes operations, and it has enabled us to increase transparency to the public.”

Greenberg has been praised for embracing technologies not typically found in government. For instance, the Seminole County Tax Collector was the first government agency in the country to accept BitCoin for payment. In addition, customers are very pleased with the use of artificial intelligence to answer questions 24 hours a day on its revamped website,

The OpenGov Cloud™ is the leading cloud-based solution for budgeting and performance and communications and reporting for the public sector. The Seminole County Tax Collector is using OpenGov to streamline and improve collaboration across departments, monitor performance across agencies, track progress against its goals, and make more informed decisions.

Governments using OpenGov spend an average of 80 percent less time developing reports and accessing data, 50 percent less time responding to open records requests, and free up one percent or more of their budgets that can be reallocated to other public services. The Tax Collector will be able to increase accountability to the public using technology, as well as be open and transparent with information.

“I commend the Tax Collector for his continued efforts to utilize modern and cloud-technology to be more efficient and accountable to his customers,” said OpenGov President, David Reeves. “Utilizing the OpenGov Cloud is a huge step not only for the Tax Collector and his staff to track their performance for budget management and key performance indicators, but also for the citizens of Seminole County to be informed and engaged with communication from the Tax Collector.”

Seminole County Tax Collector joins over 2,000 city, county and state governments, special districts and schools that are partnering with OpenGov. The City of Tallahassee and Fort Myers, for example, both recently started using OpenGov to manage performance across departments and enable better data-driven insights.

About Seminole County Tax Collector

Joel Greenberg was elected to serve the citizens of Seminole County in 2016 and has dramatically changed the way we serve our customers. Through innovative solutions, such as the use of artificial intelligence, the allowing of BitCoin transactions and new locations in Longwood and Winter Springs, we have decreased wait times and improved the service provided. Currently, the office serves Seminole County through seven locations. For more information, please visit

About OpenGov

OpenGov is the cloud leader in government budgeting, performance, communications, and reporting. Its mission is to power more effective and accountable government. Over 2,000 public agencies have partnered with OpenGov - including the State Treasurer of Ohio; the City of Richmond, VA; and the State of West Virginia. OpenGov has raised $80 million in funding, and is backed by investors Andreessen Horowitz, Emerson Collective, Formation 8, and Thrive Capital.


Seminole County Tax Collector Contact:
Alan Byrd
Seminole County Tax Collector

OpenGov Contact:
Janice Kim
OpenGov, Inc.

Published: February 19, 2019