Built on USACE and ASTM standards, OpenGov’s simple yet powerful pavement management software helps you streamline road maintenance, monitor costs, and extend the life of your street and roadway network. 


Simplify Your Road Maintenance Program

Inventory Your Network

Know where your pavement segments are located and what condition they’re in. Document PCI and IRI inspections, add notes, attach photos, and more from the field.


Manage Your Work

Perform the right work on the right segment at the right time. Use Cartegraph’s pavement asset management system to assign, schedule, and complete tasks from anywhere.


Track Your Resources

Labor, equipment, materials: track the resources used for every task. Keep an eye on your roadway budget and use data instead of best guesses to guide your decisions.


OpenGov Pavement Maintenance Software

Preserve Your Pavement

Use this eBook to develop a comprehensive pavement preservation strategy in just 7 steps.

Ditch The Paperwork

Using their mobile device, crews can complete tasks and add pavement segments to your inventory, recording distresses, deterioration, and defects. Back at the office, supervisors can monitor work and report on costs in real time.

“They used to have to call me to let me know where a pothole was. Now, it just pops up on my tablet and I drive straight there.”
Nathan West — Bay County, FL
Road Maintenance Software

Preserve Your Pavement

Take the guesswork out of pavement preservation planning and slow road deterioration. With OpenGov’s road maintenance software, you can pinpoint where you should perform corrective maintenance, preventative maintenance, or minor rehabilitation — and when.  


Already have your asset data in ArcGIS? Great news: Our seamless, two-way integration with Esri will serve that data up in Cartegraph for enhanced asset management and analysis.

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Justify Budget Requests

Capital improvement plans to annual resurfacing projects, use OpenGov dashboards and reports to build airtight pavement projections. From county pavement to city streets, show just how much money you need, why, and what impact it will have on your network conditions.

I can show what it's costing us to fix potholes versus resurface the roadway. That's a tremendous tool to have.
Keith Bryant
Public Works Director — Bay County, FL

Built for Your Agency

Looking to manage 100 lane miles? 1,000? Cartegraph road asset management system software is designed for agencies and DOTs of all sizes. The purpose-built, cloud-based solution is powered by AWS, meaning you never have to fret about security, servers, or IT staff.


Need more than pavement? From signals and street signs to traffic cameras and bridges, OpenGov’s pavement management software has you covered.


1600+ agencies trust OpenGov to power more effective and accountable government