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Cartegraph Asset Management

Governments, utilities, parks, and schools can more effectively manage infrastructure assets, work orders, and physical spaces.

Cartegraph EAM Overview

Infrastructure Asset Management Software For Modern Government

Hundreds of state and local governments, utilities, parks, and schools tap into OpenGov’s infrastructure asset management software to better manage their assets, track work, optimize space, and spend smarter. For those already using ArcGIS, our seamless, two-way integration with Esri will serve that data up for enhanced asset management and analysis.

Trusted by cities, counties, special districts, & parks across the US. Our operations management software offers solutions for public works, parks & recreation, water utilities, water treatment plans, wastewater treatment plants, fleet management, and more.

Operations Management

Operations management software you'll actually want to use. Assets, work, resources, requests, & more.

Resource Management

Track labor, equipment, materials, and resources. Manage your assets and their condition. Know exactly how your time and money are being spent.

Work Management

Create, assign, and track any work order with OpenGov's work order software.

Capital Improvement

Use OpenGov's infrastructure planning software to run multiple scenarios for any asset to predict costs, prioritize projects, and plan for the future.

Software built to manage any physical infrastructure asset

Asset management software built to handle the unique needs of cities & counties, special districts, parks, state agencies, and more. Solutions for public works, transportation, parks, water utilities, water treatment, wastewater collection, stormwater, facilities, and fleets.

Increasing Productivity with GIS

In an era when citizens demand more impact with fewer resources, it’s difficult for cities and counties to keep up. Learn how you can stay ahead of the curve, increase productivity, and improve the quality of life of your community by pairing operations management and GIS asset management software together.

Utility Asset Management Software

Enhance Operational Efficiency

OpenGov’s utility asset management software offers governments a powerful solution to enhance operational efficiency. With its comprehensive asset tracking and monitoring capabilities, governments can effectively manage their utility infrastructure, optimize asset utilization, and minimize downtime.

Our software’s maintenance scheduling and work order management features enable streamlined maintenance processes, ensuring timely repairs, reducing service interruptions, and improving overall operational efficiency for government utilities.

Asset Management Blogs & Resources

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