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Resource Management

 Optimize resource management processes, improve efficiency, and reduce costs with OpenGov resource management software.

Resource Management Software For Modern Government

Track Resources, Labor, Equipment, Materials, & More

OpenGov resource management software is a software solution designed to help organizations manage their resources, including personnel, equipment, and materials. The software provides tools for tracking resource availability, allocating resources to tasks and projects, and measuring resource utilization to optimize resource management processes.


Resource Tracking

OpenGov allows users to track resources such as personnel, equipment, and materials. Users can view resource availability, location, and usage history.

Resource Allocation

Get the tools you need for assigning work orders to specific staff members or teams based on factors such as availability, skills, and workload.

FEMA Reporting

Schedule resources based on factors such as task priority, resource availability, and service level agreements.

Reporting & Analytics

Our software comes equipped with a variety of reporting and analytics tools. Users can generate reports on metrics such as work order completion rates, resource utilization, and costs.


Manage Every Resource

Stop relying on best guesses to run your operations. Leverage powerful analytic tools to see your data, guide your decisions, and spend your budget smarter. Want clear‑cut reports and dashboards that will keep you in the know?

Use OpenGov’s equipment management software to know who did what, which resources they used, and how much it all costs. You can even use our software to track the cost of external resources, like contractors and vendors.

Inventory Management Software

Optimize Inventory Management

Understand what you have and what you need. As your team enters materials on tasks and work orders, OpenGov automatically adjusts your inventory and notifies you when things are low.

With Advanced Material Management, you can reserve and track materials at multiple locations and easily transfer them from one place to another. Simplify the material ordering and receiving process.


Efficiently Manage Your Fleet Operations

Track and manage their fleet operations more effectively. Our fleet management software provides real-time insights into vehicle location, fuel usage, maintenance history, and more. This data can be used to optimize fleet utilization, reduce costs, and ensure compliance with government regulations. Need to share your data outside of the system? Easy. Export it with one click.

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