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Ready to maximize the life of your infrastructure assets? With Scenario Builder, you can easily create data-driven budgeting plans for your pavement networks, water utilities, parks systems, and more. Run multiple scenarios for any asset to predict costs, prioritize projects, and plan for the future.


Build Capital Improvement Plans

Identify, forecast, and prioritize capital improvement projects over multiple years. Use this information to develop data-driven budgeting plans.

Justify Budget

Take the guesswork out of the budgeting and planning process. Justify your budget requests with clear data, accurate projections, and rock-solid plans.

Answer What-If

Run scenarios based on budget limitations or target OCIs to answer questions like, “What if we increased our maintenance budget by 25%?”

Visualize and
Share Data

Want to see the future? View your scenarios on a map to compare projections, make better decisions, and get buy-in from key stakeholders.


Build What-If Scenarios

Leverage your asset and work data to run scenarios based on budgets, timelines, conditions, and more. Use this info to prioritize projects and extend the life of your infrastructure.

What can I do with a limited budget?

Run scenarios to maximize the productivity and efficiency of your teams.

How much will it cost to improve our network?

Run scenarios to forecast how much money you’ll need to meet condition goals.

What do I need to replace now?

Run scenarios to prioritize assets that require immediate attention.


Teams like yours use Scenario Builder to build capital improvement plans, answer what-if questions, justify budget requests, and share data across their organizations. Download this free guide to learn how you can get started.

Create Tasks and Work Orders

Once you’ve decided on the best course of action, you can automatically convert your scenario into tasks and work orders. Scenario Builder is even smart enough to account for work you already have planned and in-progress.

Scenario Builder Series

Join our gurus as they host a three-part Scenario Builder webinar series to help your team extend the life of your assets and better plan, staff, and budget for the future.

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Scenario Builder helps you see the big picture. Know what activities are still in your backlog and the cost of deferring that work for another year. Use this information to create 1-year, 5-year, and 10-year plans to keep your organization moving forward.