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Work Management

Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your organization’s work management processes, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction with OpenGov work management software.

Work Management Software For Modern Government

Simplify government, utility, school, & building maintenance work orders

OpenGov work management software is a software solution designed to streamline work order management processes in organizations. It provides tools for creating, assigning, and tracking work orders, as well as scheduling and reporting features to help organizations optimize their work management processes.

Work Order Tracking

OpenGov allows users to create and manage work orders for tasks such as maintenance, repairs, and inspections. Users can track the status of each work order and monitor updates in real-time.

Preventative Maintenance

Get the tools you need for assigning work orders to specific staff members or teams based on factors such as availability, skills, and workload.


OpenGov's work order management software enables users to schedule work orders based on factors such as asset priority, available resources, and service level agreements.

Reporting & Analytics

Our software comes equipped with a variety of reporting and analytics tools. Users can generate reports on metrics such as work order completion rates, resource utilization, and costs.


Simplify Work Assignments

Efficiently manage every task in the workday. From routine municipal maintenance to unexpected repairs, foreman and crew leaders can easily create, assign, and track any type of task or work order.

You can also use the mobile app to see your assigned tasks. Attach photos, take notes, enter labor hours, log materials, and more. Back at the office, supervisors have a real-time view of all work being accomplished.


Preventative Asset Maintenance

Create asset maintenance schedules, implement recurring maintenance tasks, gauge asset performance, and proactively plan for replacements and repairs.

With task triggers, users can automatically create maintenance tasks based on specified asset usage history, condition limits, and time intervals.

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