Focus on Strategy, Not Clerical Work

Control the Narrative

Enhance the written narrative and better communicate strategic goals, organizational priorities, decision-making processes by reallocating time spent on manual data updates.

Reallocate Time to High-Priority Projects

By streamlining the budget creation and document publishing process, OpenGov’s end-to-end budgeting solution allows you to reallocate time to other high priority projects.

Create a Single Source of Budget Truth

One Collaborative, Definitive Document

Instead of maintaining multiple versions for multiple departments and manually merging changes, the entire team can iterate on one collaborative, definitive document.

Maintain an Automatic Audit Trail and Versions

Edit, revise, and comment on one central document that evolves over time. Because all changes are saved online, you can always see or restore some or all content from older versions. Only authorized users can make changes, all of which are automatically logged.

Web-Based and Secure

Delivered as web-based Software-as-a-Service (“SaaS”), OpenGov Budget Book™ powered by Wdesk is always backed up and secure online, providing access to authorized users from anywhere at any time without worrying about local network security settings or maintaining on-premise hardware.

Improve Outcomes with One Integrated Solution

Leverage the Smart Government Platform™

Your job doesn’t end when the budget is published, so OpenGov is there for you throughout the year. The OpenGov Smart Government Platform™ helps you operate to the budget with advanced reporting and operational intelligence while leveraging comprehensive transparency and open data to engage your community.

Tap the Power of the Network

With over 1400 governments in the OpenGov Network, easily access and compare spending to see how other governments address similar challenges.

Build a Sustainable and Repeatable Process

Easily Configure Once, Receive Years of Benefits

We take care of creating the document template and equip your team with world-class support. Unique data linking gives you a framework for years of use, significant gains in productivity, and fewer headaches.

Preserve Institutional Knowledge

You don’t lose institutional knowledge with staff turnover, and new staff are easier to train and integrate with all your information in one easy-to-use platform.

Collaborate More Effectively and Efficiently

Empower Stakeholders

OpenGov Budget Book™ powered by Wdesk empowers stakeholders from across the organization to contribute as needed on an easy-to-use, online platform, just like creating the budget itself in OpenGov Budget Builder™.

Comment in Context

Stakeholders, from analysts to department heads and more, can easily view and comment on the draft budget document in context, instead of over email or in multiple versions, fostering better communication and faster collaboration.

Reduce confusion from email and Excel

OpenGov Budget Book™ powered by Wdesk removes and automates manual work. OpenGov brings all your information together in one collaborative platform, eliminating the need for lengthy email exchanges and empowering you to analyze information at a higher level.

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