Collaborate More Effectively and Efficiently

Empower Departments to Submit Proposals

Submitting proposals used to mean exchanging dozens of spreadsheets. Now, analysts, division leaders, and department heads submit proposals themselves in one place. Give analysts the ability to monitor the budget’s progress in real-time.

Approve, Reject, and Comment Online

Never sift through hundred-person email chains again. Contribute to and monitor the budget process, down to the line item, wherever and whenever you need to.

Create a Central, Safe Repository

Eliminate manual document reconciliation, which is time-consuming and prone to error. Instead, OpenGov Budget Builder™ is a singular source of truth, recording and tracking every proposal, adjustment and decision.

Engage Elected Officials with a Narrative

With proposals, amendments, approvals and results all in one place, it’s easy to walk elected officials through the budget process. Show the impact of different proposals dynamically and easily reference prior trends.

Focus on the Strategy, Not Clerical Work

By streamlining your budget process, OpenGov Budget Builder™ gives you time to evaluate different proposals, proactively plan, and assess your options in comparison to the past.

No More Cutting-and-Pasting

Since budget data is all stored in one place, you never have to open, compare and reconcile dozens of different spreadsheets. Automated workflows reduce the risk of errors, allowing you to focus on what matters.

An End to Email Collaboration

Threads with dozens of department heads and staffers rapidly become cumbersome. OpenGov Budget Builder™ brings automated notifications and reminders to ensure stakeholders meet deadlines.

Compare Requests Across Years

See historical perspective with a click. OpenGov Budget Builder™ lets you visualize changes from year to year before and after proposals are approved.

Generate Summary Reports With a Click

Instead of static, manually-generated spreadsheets, OpenGov Budget Builder™ gives you the ability to modify account information and update summary reports in seconds.

Keep a Single Source for
Budget Updates

Automatically maintain an audit trail

Since proposals, supporting documents, changes and comments are all stored inside OpenGov Budget Builder™, giving you a trail of justifications, approvals and rejections. This improves accountability, enables better follow-up, and helps explain a budget’s narrative.

Enable everyone to see the budget narrative and justifications with updated numbers anywhere

Allow department heads to stay on top of the budget by granting them instant access to the latest progress, without waiting for analysts to receive emails or merge spreadsheets.

Improve Outcomes With One Integrated Solution

Build a Sustainable Process

Easily create and publish your final budget document with OpenGov Budget Book™ powered by Wdesk. We take care of creating the document template and equip your team with world-class support.

Drill Down Into Budget Reports

With one click, slice and dice across your chart of accounts for instant insight into your current financials. Accept, reject or modify a budget proposal, and the report updates itself immediately.

Tap the Power of the Network

Over 1,400+ governments use OpenGov. Leverage their insights to compare spending across departments and categories, so you can see how other governments address similar challenges.

Leverage the Smart Government Platform™

Your job doesn’t end when the budget is published, so OpenGov is there for you throughout the year. The OpenGov Smart Government Platform™ helps you operate to the budget with advanced reporting and operational intelligence while leveraging comprehensive transparency and open data to engage your community.

“Budget season has always been an ordeal – I worked late every night, plus through weekends. OpenGov has changed this entire process, giving me back my life and opening up enough time for me to focus on other priorities for the city.

Gone are the days of digging around in spreadsheets and enduring lengthy proposal submission cycles. OpenGov has streamlined much of the clerical work involved in budgeting, and I could not be more grateful.”

Connie Maxwell
Budget Director, Burnet, TX

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