Budgeting and Performance

Budget effectively and align spend to strategic outcomes

Lead a streamlined, accurate, and outcome-focused budget process

With OpenGov, leaders can now streamline and transform their end-to-end budgeting process, seamlessly tie budget dollars to key organizational initiatives, and draw actionable insights that maximize performance outcomes.

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Collaborate More Effectively

Save time and build a better budget by collaborating across departments with an integrated cloud-based solution. Send and receive budget proposals, track performance on strategic objectives, comment on key reports, and engage with colleagues across multiple teams.

Improve Decision-Making

Visualize trends and model the impact of proposed budget changes, providing the needed context for budget decisions. Transform complex financial and performance data into actionable insights and have the answers you need at your fingertips.

Save Time

Easily seed the budget by importing last year's actuals. Enable finance staff and budget owners to adjust or add proposal line items in real time through a simple and intuitive user interface. Quickly create dashboards that are printer-friendly by default to streamline meetings and reduce cumbersome manual extracts.

Governments using OpenGov’s budgeting and planning solutions have seen a 50% reduction in the time spent creating the budget.

88% of all spreadsheets, including those used to make the budget, have errors.

Over $2M Reallocated

“One budget, one government, one team”

Janet Dutcher, CPA, Financial Director
Mono County, CA

Easy Budgeting Process

“OpenGov helped make this budget process the easiest I’ve experienced in my government career.”

Judy Smith, Finance Director
Jackson County Water and Sewerage Authority, GA

"OpenGov has changed this entire process, giving me back my life and opening up enough time for me to focus on other priorities for the city. Gone are the days of digging around in spreadsheets...”

Connie Maxwell, Budget Director
City of Burnet, TX


Act on Analysis

Gain at-a-glance insights with dashboards, take action with customized alerts, or dive into the details for deeper analysis. Mirror and explore your organization’s financial structure and chart of accounts. Add geographic context with integrated GIS reporting and maps.

Empower stakeholders with financial and performance data


Tie your budget to performance

Establish goals for departments, programs, or initiatives, then track relevant KPIs to keep stakeholders updated on spending, performance, and progress.

Show how budget dollars drive key initiatives

Publication and Planning

Simplify budget book publication and workforce planning

Establish a framework for building your budget book faster and more accurately, making the process repeatable and scalable for future cycles. Easily add new positions and their associated costs with preconfigured templates.

Centrally managed cost elements with fully calculated employee costs

Central Hub

Bring it all together

Synchronize your financial and non-financial data with an efficient, reliable, and automated solution for connecting your ERP, Excel, HRIS, public safety, 311, and other data sources to the OpenGov Cloud™.

Tie all data sources to The OpenGov Cloud™

Budgeting and Performance Use Cases

  • Budget development

  • Multi-year CIP planning

  • Budget book publication

  • Workforce planning

  • Budgetary reporting

  • Budget adjustments

  • Performance reporting

  • What-if scenario analysis

  • Strategic initiative tagging

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