Budgeting & Planning

Empowering government leaders to maximize how they spend the public’s money

Streamline the budget, from creation to book publication

Simplify and automate your budget process, gain more time for analysis, and make more informed decisions. Easily involve budget owners and department heads to get more input, buy-in, and alignment.

Budget creation

Chart of account integration makes it easy to import prior year actuals, gives visibility to past performance, and seeds the current year budget. Current year priorities are pulled in automatically so strategic priorities are ready to be populated.

Workforce planning

Authorized position list is uploaded with a click of a button. Enter global changes for the new year once and then apply them to all relevant employees. Add new positions and their associated costs with preconfigured templates. Easily review, adjust, and accept new positions once approved.


Budget owners work in a single application and version. Intuitive, purpose-built software makes it easy for finance and departments to use, without assistance from finance or IT. Comment on proposals and engage with colleagues in real-time while logged in, nothing gets lost in email.

Budget book publication

Automate budget book publication. Changes in budget or actual numbers flow through to the Book, no more finding and replacing. Once the framework is set, the process is repeatable and scalable.

Governments using OpenGov’s budgeting and planning solutions have seen a 50% reduction in the time spent creating the budget.

88% of all spreadsheets, including those used to make the budget, have errors.

Easy Budgeting Process

“OpenGov helped make this budget process the easiest I’ve experienced in my government career.”

Judy Smith, Finance Director
Jackson County Water & Sewerage Authority, GA

"OpenGov has changed this entire process, giving me back my life and opening up enough time for me to focus on other priorities for the city. Gone are the days of digging around in spreadsheets...”

Connie Maxwell, Budget Director
City of Burnet, TX

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Collaborate effectively, get buy-in

Enable department head budget owners with an intuitive, easy system that allows them to enter and track status for budget proposals. Collaborate in real time and throughout the budget process, get more alignment. Having more people involved in the budget leads to more buy-in, ownership and thorough budget.

Empower stakeholders with collaborative proposals


Time for analysis, improve decisions

Automate the most critical parts of budgeting and free time for higher value work. From initial creation and workforce planning to board book automation, you’ll experience less manual work and fewer errors. Reduced number crunching means more time for analysis and informed decisions.

Provide vital context with historical performance data


Centralize the budget, trust the numbers

All the budget activity is in one place so everyone uses the same numbers. Eliminate multiple emails and versions of the budget. Features like audit trail and data management makes it clear who and when changes were made. Workflow and reporting give visibility into the process and number details at a glance.

Preserve institutional knowledge with a single repository of budgets


Answers readily available, quick decisions

Answer questions in the council meeting, not after, with easy-to-use budget reports that don’t require IT. Get a bird’s-eye view of the whole consolidated budget roll up, and quickly understand where the budget process stands. View or create multi-year or multiple budget scenarios with a flexible, easy-to-use solution. Best thing is, it’s accessible from anywhere with internet!

Easily manage spending to the budget

Use Cases

  • Improve operating budgets

  • Model multiple scenarios

  • Plan for capital investments

  • Plan for workforce

  • Support priority based budgeting

  • Budget for multiple years

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