Budgeting & Planning

Modern budgeting software for the public sector

Lead a streamlined, accurate, and inclusive budget process

Transform budgeting and set your organization up for success. Involve budget owners, have open dialogue, and build alignment around shared goals. OpenGov budgeting software will help you build a better budget and get buy-in from citizens, department heads, and elected officials.

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Government Budget Development

OpenGov’s government budgeting software offers an intuitive, online workspace where everyone budgets together. Budget proposals support attachments, narratives, itemizations, and multi-year requests all in one place. Link to your chart of accounts for accurate reporting and simple integration with your accounting system or ERP.

Workforce Planning

Fully-detailed personnel costs and workforce plans for streamlined, accurate government budgeting. Centrally modify your personnel cost drivers, then distribute changes to all positions automatically. See your authorized positions list and the total costs all in one place. Support unlimited scenarios that won’t affect your employee data for deeper analysis and improved budget forecasting. Learn more

Collaboration Tools

Encourage participation from departmental experts with easy, built-in collaboration tools. Communicate within proposals with commenting and real-time notifications. Explore revisions to see how the budget changed and evolved over time. Build trust and reduce
in-fighting with private proposals and clear approval workflows.

Budget Book Publication

OpenGov software automates your budget book creation with best-in-class modern document publication. Linked to your budget, all changes automatically flow through to the final document to eliminate errors and save time. Subsequent budgets use the previous year’s template for a scalable, repeatable process. Learn more

Governments using OpenGov’s budgeting and planning solutions have seen a 50% reduction in the time spent creating the budget.

88% of all spreadsheets, including those used to make the budget, have errors.

Easy Budgeting Process

“OpenGov helped make this budget process the easiest I’ve experienced in my government career.”

Judy Smith, Finance Director
Jackson County Water & Sewerage Authority, GA

"OpenGov has changed this entire process, giving me back my life and opening up enough time for me to focus on other priorities for the city. Gone are the days of digging around in spreadsheets...”

Connie Maxwell, Budget Director
City of Burnet, TX


Work together for better results

When department budget owners share their expertise and ideas, everyone benefits. Take the fear out of budgeting and create a collaborative process that saves time and improves alignment. Gain buy-in from departments, executives, elected officials, and citizens by encouraging dialogue and feedback throughout budget season. Build trust by building a trusted process.

Empower stakeholders with collaborative proposals


Gain visibility into streamlined workflows

When aggregating government budget requests, easily review the net effect without manual calculations. Quickly review, approve, or reject proposals in a centrally managed environment. Track changes, review comments, and manage permissions to drive a process everyone can trust.

Preserve institutional knowledge with a single repository of budgets


Take the guesswork out of labor costs

Government budgeting is all about people, so personnel expenses should be accurate and error-free. Eliminate complex spreadsheets and integrate personnel cost forecasting with your operating budget. Develop salary and benefit scenarios using up-to-date position lists and cost drivers, without affecting the underlying data. Inform labor negotiations with data and demonstrate the fiscal impact of small changes in real-time.

Centrally managed cost elements with fully calculated employee costs


Communicate the budget simply and clearly

Engage stakeholders early and often to build alignment and trust. Share budget milestone reports to demonstrate progress made from version to version. Create engaging online stories to show how key initiatives and programs get funding. And publish your budget book in a fraction of the time with a powerful online document

Easily manage spending to the budget

Budgeting Software Use Cases

  • Accurate operating budgets

  • Scenario analysis

  • Capital improvement planning

  • Workforce planning software

  • Priority-based budgeting

  • Multi-year budgeting

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