Budgeting & Planning

Make a greater strategic impact throughout your entire budgeting and planning cycle.

OpenGov Budgeting & Planning is the only modern, full-featured cloud budgeting software designed to meet the unique needs of public sector planning and analysis. Trusted by hundreds of forward-thinking local governments and state agencies, Budgeting & Planning is the industry’s most collaborative solution for budget process automation, personnel cost forecasting, reporting that is tied to your strategic initiatives, with transparency throughout—driving more effective planning and strengthening stakeholder trust.


Collaborate More Effectively

Collaborate across departments by sending and receiving budget proposals, tracking performance on strategic objectives, commenting on key reports, and tying strategic priorities to outcomes.

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Build an Award-winning Budget Book

Take your budget book online to transparently share with local residents and internal departments, all within a GFOA-approved format to create an award-winning budget document.

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Transform Capital Planning

Align your capital planning to strategic priorities, forecast long-term capital expenditures, manage proposals, track performance, and keep the public informed along the way.

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Improved Workforce Planning

Drive better salary projections and increase visibility into cost drivers with the industry's most comprehensive workforce planning. It's the biggest line item in every budget by far - treat it that way!


Build Trust Through Transparency

Build trust with constituents by communicating initiatives and progress clearly while fostering better engagement with best-in-class transparency solutions. From budget simulations and virtual council meetings, to internal dashboards and public-facing webpages, when it comes to citizen engagement we've got you covered. It's how we got our name, and nobody does it better.


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Over 200 GFOA Distinguished Budget Awards To Customers

Case Studies

Workforce Planning for the Future

Simplify planning for your most complex and important asset – your people. Use OpenGov to make informed decisions and improve forecasting by using scenario planning, while tracking spending and performance metrics tied back to strategic initiatives. 

Strategic Capital Planning

Gain a strong understanding of capital project spending and operations and how they will impact your community, while streamlining your capital planning process to improve strategic outcomes. Plus, easily align with other budgets.

Build an Online Budget Book & Other Online Publications

Provide your taxpayers with greater visibility into how their dollars are being spent by publishing an interactive, award winning budget book online. Plus, create compelling stories that tie to your most pressing community needs, with dynamic data visualizations and easy to understand narrative.

Improve Reporting & Transparency

Build trust and transparency with your community on the topics that matter by presenting complex financial information in a simple way with appropriate context to inform your community. Plus, gain immediate access to the data you and your community need.

Budgeting & Planning Use Cases

Collaborative Budgeting

Capital Planning

Online Budget Book Publication

Workforce Calculations

Budgetary Reporting

Financial Projections

Operating Budgets

Scenario Analysis

Strategic Initiative Reporting

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