Budgeting & Planning

Full-featured cloud budgeting and planning for government.

Manage a Collaborative, Outcome-Focused Budgeting Process

OpenGov Budgeting & Planning is the only modern, full-featured cloud budgeting software designed to meet the unique needs of public sector planning and analysis. Trusted by hundreds of forward-thinking institutions, Budgeting & Planning is the industry’s most collaborative solution for budget process automation, personnel cost forecasting, managerial reporting, and public transparency—driving more effective planning and strengthening stakeholder trust.

Budgeting & Planning

Collaborate More Effectively

Collaborate across departments by sending and receiving budget proposals, tracking performance on strategic objectives, commenting on key reports, and sharing your outcomes with colleagues, electeds, and the public.


Improve Decision-Making

Glean the context you need for budget decisions and the information you need to manage performance. You can visualize trends and model the impact of proposed budget changes while you transform complex financial and performance data into actionable insights.


Enable Distributed and Continuous Planning

Centralize your planning in an intuitive online solution. Your team can collaborate from anywhere to drive year-round planning for capital and strategic projects, workforce, scenarios, and more.


Engage your Community

Publish an interactive budget book online and engage your community with appealing web pages, surveys, and virtual forums to provide taxpayers with a better understanding of how dollars are impacting the community and the feedback loop to drive buy-in.

Workforce Planning

Governments using OpenGov’s budgeting and planning solutions have seen a 50% reduction in the time spent creating the budget.

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Budgeting & Planning

88% of all spreadsheets, including those used to make the budget, have errors.

Learn About Modern Budgeting

Enabling Data-Driven Decisions At Tucson

“We really value OpenGov’s ability to grow with us.”

Johanna Hernandez, Director of Innovation Office
City of Tucson, AZ

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Easy Budgeting Process

“OpenGov helped make this budget process the easiest I’ve experienced in my government career.”

Judy Smith, Finance Director
Jackson County Water and Sewerage Authority, GA

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Over $2M Reallocated

“One budget, one government, one team”

Janet Dutcher, CPA, Financial Director
Mono County, CA

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Precisely calculate personnel costs

Simplify planning for your most complex and important asset – your people. With Workforce Planning, you can reduce the burden of complex manual calculations on variable personnel cost elements and make informed decisions based on data-driven personnel investment planning scenarios.

Budgeting & Planning

Empower stakeholders with financial and performance data


Forecast long term expenditures

Budgeting & Planning

Show how budget dollars drive key initiatives

One of the most visible and strategic functions of government, OpenGov streamlines Capital Planning with a single online solution to build, analyze, adopt, measure, and communicate Capital Improvement Plans (CIP). This eliminates the complexity and frustration of managing long-term Capital Projects using Excel spreadsheets and other generic applications.


Publish an award-winning budget online

Provide stakeholders with a better understanding of the budget with a fully interactive online budget book created directly from your budgeting system and not third-party software. OpenGov’s online interactive budget book centralizes production, brings up-to-date info online, and helps produce an award-winning citizen experience thanks to templates that leverage the latest GFOA best-practices.

Budgeting & Planning

Publish an interactive, easily digestible online budget book


Centralize reporting onto a single platform

Budgeting & Planning

Tie all data sources to OpenGov

Powering OpenGov Budgeting & Planning is the Reporting & Transparency platform. Integrate and synchronize your financial and non-financial data with other data sources including the OpenGov ERP Cloud. When any data point changes, all reports automatically update. You can go beyond seeing your outcomes and truly understand the reasoning behind performance with OpenGov’s reporting platform. Then, add context to your outcomes and insights and share internally and externally to build trust with the public.

Budgeting and Planning Use Cases

Collaborative budgeting

Workforce calculations

Operating budgets

Capital planning

Budgetary reporting

What-if scenario analysis

Online budget book publication

Financial projections

Strategic initiative tagging

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