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Budget Book

Publish an interactive, award-winning online budget book directly from your budgeting system.

Faster, Easier Document Creation

Building your budget book with OpenGov gives your team an easy-to-use and powerful online workspace that empowers your agency to collaborate, edit, and publish the budget book (online, in print, or both) without the headache of conflicting versions, tedious manual updates, or recreating graphs and tables.

Focus on strategy, not clerical work

Build a compelling narrative that clearly explains the agency’s priorities and tradeoffs, without manual updates.

Build a sustainable and repeatable process

Build your online or printed budget book leveraging templates designed with GFOA best-practices in mind, and can be used for years.

Create a single source of budget truth

Eliminate the headache of multiple conflicting versions and establish an authoritative destination for your most important policy document.

Improve outcomes with one integrated solution

Your job doesn’t end when the budget is published, so year-round budgeting, planning, reporting, and transparency - all part of the OpenGov Budgeting and Planning suite - are there to help you throughout the year.

Control The Narrative

Focus on strategy, not clerical work

Enhance your written narrative and better communicate strategic goals, organizational priorities, and decision-making processes. Reallocate time spent on manual data updates to meaningful discussions and explanations of policy, tradeoffs, and resources.

Budget Book
One Collaborative, Definitive Document

Create A Single Source Of Truth

Budget Book

Empower your entire team to iterate and collaborate on one definitive document that evolves over time, instead of maintaining multiple versions for multiple departments and manually merging changes. See the latest edits, track revision history, and restore some or all of older versions quickly and easily.

Easily Configure Once, Receive Years of Benefits

Build a sustainable and repeatable process

Benefit from world-class support and flexible templates that incorporate your needs and prior budget book. We can support your desired medium – publish an interactive online budget book, online PDF, printed document or all of the above! Enjoy fewer headaches and increased productivity with unique data linking and a framework for years of use.

Budget Book
Leverage The OpenGov Cloud

Improve Outcomes With One Integrated Solution

Budget Book

Your job doesn’t end when the budget is published, so OpenGov is there for you throughout the year. The OpenGov ERP Cloud helps you operate to the budget with advanced reporting and operational performance while leveraging comprehensive transparency and open data to engage your community.

The OpenGov Reporting and Transparency Platform

Operational Performance

Track spending to budget, in context with performance data, throughout the year.


Publish your budget and performance with OpenGov’s integrated Reporting and Transparency Platform.

Best in Class

Create a fully interactive GFOA award-winning budget book directly from your budgeting system.

Drive real change and make a greater impact with these high-performance resources built for the important work of the public sector.

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