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Capital Planning

Invest strategically with purpose-built capital planning software

Improve Alignment, Strategy, and Impact with Modern Capital Planning

Run a tighter, more strategic capital improvement planning cycle that saves you time, drives community outcomes, and helps you invest wisely to save money long term. Centralized processes, analyses, and workflow management help you organize, evaluate, budget, and track all your capital planning activities. OpenGov’s capital budgeting software can improve processes for state and city governments, special districts, schools, and counties alike.

"This is the largest five-year capital plan the County has ever undertaken."
Dean Dortone
Chief Financial Officer — Montgomery County, PA

Comprehensive Multi-year Capital Planning

Easy-to-use budget software allows capital improvement teams to collaborate with decision makers and understand long-term fiscal impact.

Integrate Your Budget Processes

Build out your multi-year capital improvement program and account for any operating impacts of your capital budget, powering long-term capital cost control.

Identify and Invest in Your Riskiest Assets

Pair with enterprise asset management to add risk modeling and investment scenarios to your data-driven budget process.

Workflows to Score and Rank Proposed Projects

Customizable proposal management tools to collect, evaluate, compare, approve, and plan for the projects that deliver the most strategic outcomes. The best part: you save time and effort during the busiest part of your budget process.

Engage Your Community and Tell Your Story

Quickly publish interactive visualizations to empower anyone to understand capital investments. Plus, collect community feedback to align your priorities.

Capital Planning Software

Comprehensive Multi-Year Capital Planning

Easily submit multi-year and multi-fund project proposals. Then, spend your time more strategically thanks to customizable proposal forms that get you the exact information you need with the first submission.

With collected proposals, run an aligned evaluation process with centralized information, performance tracking, and the ability to communicate out critical reports. 

"Using OpenGov, we're able to make a detailed, 5-year projection for our revenues... We are keeping our reserves where they need to be. And we are managing in a holistic way, making sure that our City is prepared for the future."
Amelia Cruver
Budget Director — City of Minneapolis, MN
Reporting & Transparency Software

Integrate Your Budget Processes

Plan the true impact of your capital investments by incorporating capital, operating, and personnel expenses in one place. Save time planning and create more accurate forecasting with our modern integrated tools. This means you are committing your limited dollars to the most strategic initiatives. 

Best-in-class reporting and transparency means your internal team is always on the same page and can proceed with confidence in your capital projects.

See Our Reporting Software

Capital Improvement Planning Software

Score and Rank Proposed Projects

With both out-of-the-box and customizable templates, consolidate your key information in one place, saving you time on your evaluation processes.

For advanced workflows, take advantage of tools to track internal evaluation scores, approvals, automated document creation, and proposal libraries.

Asset Management Software

Identify and Invest In Your Riskiest Assets

Get public works and the finance office speaking the same language. Save money long term by using our software to decide where  to strategically invest in your riskiest assets. The gold standard in asset management software augments your strategic capital planning with an investment scenario forecaster. Gain a clear understanding of the tradeoffs in infrastructure health and funding priorities in your budget.

Use these tools to easily visualize the level of investment needed to ensure equitable distribution of infrastructure and capital assets to meet your community development goals.

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Community Engagement Software

Engage your community and tell your story

Drive alignment and trust with your community through two-way public communication. Keep your community informed by sharing up-to-date project data and narratives in any format with the public.

Accelerate trust by ensuring your community’s voice is in every strategic budgeting, policy, and planning decision. Use OpenGov Community Feedback tools to collect, organize, and analyze what capital investments your community wants and needs.

See Our Community Engagement Software

OpenGov’s community engagement software enables you to solicit feedback on potential capital planning initiatives. 

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