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Workforce Planning

Easier, more accurate, strategic workforce and personnel planning

Plan today for the workforce of tomorrow

Simplify and streamline workforce planning. Hire the right people to make the greatest impact and achieve your strategic goals.

Employee Cost Calculations

Calculate the fully burdened labor costs of your individual employees or of your overall workforce.

Integrated Personnel Budgeting

Improve budget accuracy and save time by connecting dynamic workforce plans to budget requests.

Scenario Analysis

Make changes to position lists and centrally modify personnel cost drivers to inform negotiations and budget decisions.

Position Requests

Request new positions during budget season or mid-year, using accurate, updated costs.


Gain greater insight into employee costs

Combine all your positions and their associated costs in one place to verify, adjust, and analyze the fully burdened cost of your employees. Understand fixed, variable, protective, and other compensation costs for any type of benefit plan. Generate dynamic reports or export the data to dive into the details.

Workforce Planning

Have confidence in your personnel decisions

Workforce Planning

Develop your budget using accurate, up-to-date numbers and provide full visibility into personnel cost forecasts. Eliminate error-prone spreadsheets and distribute changes to your entire workforce plan from one central location to save time.


Take the guesswork out of workforce planning

Develop unlimited salary and benefit scenarios without affecting employee information. Inform negotiations with data to gain credibility and avoid mistakes. Make more strategic personnel decisions by projecting the fiscal impact on future budgets.

Workforce Planning

Other Budgeting & Planning Capabilities

Budget Book Creation and Publication

Fast, easy document creation

Performance Management Reporting

Make data-driven decisions, find answers faster, and track progress on strategic goals

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