Citizen Engagement

Start an online, two-way conversation with your community to strengthen public trust.

Simplify civic participation

Share information and collect feedback easily and effectively.

Public transparency

Transform raw data into charts, graphs, maps, and more to make complex data easy to understand.

Open town hall drives
civic engagement

Improve civic engagement by supplementing public hearings with online surveys, forums, and meetings. Encourage involvement by making participation easy and convenient.

Interactive stories

Add valuable context to drive online public engagement with interactive web pages that feature dynamic data tiles, images, videos, text, and more.

open data

Powered by open-source CKAN, OpenGov open data makes your data useful, usable, and used. Improve internal access to data and encourage collaboration with citizens, other agencies, and a growing network of developers.

OpenGov online engagement software receives top mark in University of California, Berkeley study

Attendees to online forums

“[OpenGov] fits perfectly within our larger engagement strategy, as it allows us to directly involve our community in decision-making processes early and often.”

Brian Cary, Communications Coordinator
City of San Carlos, CA

“OpenGov empowers citizens to ask the right question. Now they can go to OpenGov and drill down to the transaction they want to see.”

Trudy Mathis, Senior Financial Services Manager
McKinney, TX


Create engaging content with ease

Enhance your data by adding images, maps, and context to better inform and educate the public. Create content with less effort using a simple, drag-and-drop editor that gets pages up in hours, not weeks. Focus on the message and leave the coding to us.

Simple, visual page builder with drag-and-drop components and customizable themes.


Make your data easy to understand

Transform financial, performance, and location data into simple, visual content to drive online civic engagement. Easily share via email, social media, or through your agency's website. Anyone can drill into the details or export to Excel to perform extra analysis or exploration.

San Antonio's 2017 Bond Dashboard


OpenGov software gets your community involved

Reach more residents by providing convenient, accessible, online engagements. Surveys, forums, interactive meetings, and public kiosks make it easy for anyone to contribute opinions and ideas. Encourage civility, reduce activist influence, and avoid disruptions with active monitoring and registration. Better understand public opinion with built-in analytics that filter out the noise.

Agency-branded surveys and online forums.

Open Data

Make data useful, usable, and used

Use next-generation open data powered by open-source CKAN to make data useful to everyone, and tap into a huge and growing ecosystem of developers that drive innovation to help solve big problems.

The City of Boston’s innovative new open data portal.

  • Data on-demand

    Put information that is currently scattered across your agency at your fingertips, making it easy to find answers and to share the numbers behind the news.

  • Better project planning

    OpenGov citizen engagement software takes the guesswork out of big-ticket items while fulfilling public input requirements for grant applications.

  • Social media impact

    Create content in no time, and share published pages on Facebook, Twitter, Nextdoor, or LinkedIn.

Citizen Engagement Use Cases

  • Infrastructure and transit planning

  • Community education and outreach

  • Council presentations

  • Participatory budgeting

  • Public input for grants

  • Performance management

Citizen Engagement
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