Citizen Services

Power every permit, license, and inspection with user-friendly workflows.

Powering these solutions and more

Building Permits

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Route, approve, and issue permits electronically
up to 5x faster than legacy systems.

Business Licenses

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Drive compliance and revenue with automated license renewals and public reminders

Zoning Approvals

Our software empowers a proactive approach to zoning approvals & code enforcement so you can focus on helping your community thrive

Fire &







Say goodbye to piles of paper, messy spreadsheets and cumbersome, legacy software. Use OpenGov Citizen Services’ drag-and-drop, no code interface to:
  • Design forms & workflows
  • Schedule virtual inspections
  • Collect fees online
  • Expedite approvals
  • Improve customer satisfaction
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Process Applications 5X Faster Than With Legacy Systems

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Up To 85% More Cost Effective Than Legacy Systems

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Full Suite Implementation In
Less Than 6 Months

One Cloud Solution to Power Every Permitting
and Licensing Workflow

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Improved Customer Experience

Improve constituent satisfaction with a 24/7 city hall and serve residents, developers, and business owners with a modern permitting and licensing solution.

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Increased Productivity

Fewer errors and faster processing combined with the ability to be more flexible empowers your team to raise the bar on productivity.


Faster Approvals

Don’t blink. Permit applications processed up to 5x faster with online permitting and licensing.

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Better Collaboration

All together now. Easy access to one platform means multiple departments can work together at the same time.

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Safer Storage

Thank you, Cloud. With the best permitting and licensing software, all digital documents are securely stored offsite. Plus, a server outage won’t slow you down.


Quicker Configuration

Add new applications and make changes to workflows with drag and drop tools, cutting processing time in half – without coming back to us.

Case Studies

Self-Service Public Portal

Begin each engagement with Smart Projects—an intake survey that guides applicants through a short questionnaire and generates a custom checklist of necessary forms and fees. This leads to the customer service portal where applicants can draft, submit, and view community development applications, pay fees online, and message reviewers.

Process Automation

Design digital application workflows that mirror your exact process for permitting and licensing approvals, with a visual progress meter that records all post-submission activity. Let each submission flow electronically from intake through departmental reviews, automatically assigning steps to the next available employee. Reduce your average approval time to focus on higher priority initiatives.

Inspections Management

When it’s time for an inspection, let applicants request dates online and automatically assign inspectors. During the inspection, record results and upload photos from a phone or tablet onsite so that construction plans and feedback can be reviewed by contractors and government staff in real time.

Code Enforcement


Keep your community cleaner and safer by allowing easy online violation submissions and fee payments through a user-friendly customer portal. Empower proactive enforcement by centralizing case management and viewing trends in the data.


Renew Licenses

Standardize the license renewal process to support improved compliance and internal efficiency. In a few easy steps, completely automate license renewals in batches by type and renewal period.



Reporting & Transparency

Cannabis Licensing

Create dashboards and pull reports highlighting overall performance and payments received from workflows to share with management, collaborating teams, or the general public. This includes daily cash out reports, number of applications received across permit types, and project costs across departments.


Citizen Services Features

Customer Service Portal

Automated, No-Code Workflows and Approvals

Online Payment Collection

Accounting System Integration

Smart Projects that Build Applicant Fees and Checklists

Renewal Campaigns

Intelligent Routing and Inspections Scheduling

Bluebeam Integration

Triggered Prompts for Both Applicants and Staff

Dashboards and Reports

Advanced GIS mapping with Esri ArcGIS

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