Communications and Reporting

Aggregate, analyze, and share vital information with stakeholders

Build trust through effective communication

Build trust with colleagues and residents by gathering input on key initiatives and aligning budget and the strategic plan to both performance objectives and public expectations.

Present complex information all parties can understand

Keep internal and external stakeholders updated on performance and aligned around high-level strategic goals. Gain at-a-glance insights with dashboards, take action with customized alerts, or dive into the details for deeper analysis.

Broaden citizen engagement

Supplement public hearings with online surveys and virtual town halls that are easy and convenient. Gather broader feedback from residents by reducing the barriers of involvement.

Reduce intimidation and
undue influence

Civility monitoring and flexible registration options promote respectful interactions that encourage participation and help filter out distortion from the “usual suspects.”

Achieve your communications objectives

Bring your data together in one place, quickly create and publish content, and easily incorporate feedback. Inform and improve your interaction with the community to strengthen public trust.

“[OpenGov] fits perfectly within our larger engagement strategy, as it allows us to directly involve our community in decision-making processes early and often.”

Brian Cary, Communications Coordinator
City of San Carlos, CA

“OpenGov empowers citizens to ask the right question. Now they can go to OpenGov and drill down to the transaction they want to see.”

Trudy Mathis, Senior Financial Services Manager
McKinney, TX


Focus on outcomes

Establish goals for departments, programs, or initiatives, then track relevant KPIs to keep stakeholders updated on spending, performance, and progress.

Infuse complex data with meaningful narrative everyone can understand


Communicate clearly

Create and share content easily and quickly. Use a simple, drag-and-drop page builder to combine your data with images, dashboards, maps, and narrative context. Present complex information in a way that’s easy for anyone to understand. Share via email, social media, or through your agency’s website.

Simple, visual page builder with drag-and-drop components and customizable themes.


Capture feedback online, at meetings or on-the-go

Record feedback from residents, colleagues, and other stakeholders at any moment through online surveys, virtual town halls or mobile forms.

Agency-branded surveys and online forums.

  • Data on-demand

    Put information that is currently scattered across your agency at your fingertips, making it easy to find answers and to share the numbers behind the news.

  • Better project planning

    OpenGov communications and reporting software takes the guesswork out of big-ticket items while fulfilling public input requirements for grant applications.

  • Social media impact

    Create content in no time, and share published pages on Facebook, Twitter, Nextdoor, or LinkedIn.

Communications and Reporting Use Cases

  • Internal reporting

  • Satisfaction surveys

  • Participatory budgeting

  • Performance reporting

  • Citizen ideas/feedback portal

  • Capital project plans

  • Initiative communication

Communications and Reporting
Capabilities In Depth

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