OpenGov Core Financials

End-to-end accounting software for local government

Financial Management and
General Ledger

With the complete integration of all OpenGov Financials modules into the General Ledger, all your financial data is accurately and efficiently captured from the source without further manual entry. Interfaces are available to import journal entry data from many non-OpenGov Financials applications, further reducing manual data entry.

Additional Included Features

  • Document scanning, uploading, and archiving, linking to individual transactions

  • Unlimited history including transactional data is available online

  • Ability to perform additional period processing

  • Use standard OpenGov Financials reports or create custom reports tailored to your needs

  • Support for Pooled cash, or Due to/Due from accounting

  • Flexible fiscal year processing

Accounts Payable &
Encumbrance Accounting

The Accounts Payable package provides payment functions for all invoices. Full integration with the other OpenGov solutions allows for payments of such things as deposit refunds in Utility Billing or payroll taxes using the HR application. Budgets are checked in "real-time" as invoices are entered. Encumbrance accounting is supported in accounts payable.

  • Document scanning, uploading, and archiving                                                

  • Vendor payment through ACH, electronic transfer, checks, and bank specific methods

  • Purchase Order Processing

  • Integration into Purchase Orders, Requisitions, Utility Billing, Payroll, and Fixed Assets

  • Generation of IRS 1099's with all form types                                                    

  • Positive Pay

  • Quick Checks - single check generation                                         

  • Checks print on blank check stock, eliminating the need for costly pre-printed checks

  • Invoice digital archiving - eliminate storage of paper invoices

Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivables allow your entity to bill for all services (other than utility billing). With integration into the General Ledger, payments are easily accounted for.

Email Billing

Online Payment System

Late Notices through mail or email

Document scanning, uploading, and archiving

Fixed Assets

Fixed Assets provide for the physical and financial tracking of all physical assets. Assets can be automatically placed into the records immediately after purchase through the direct integration with Accounts Payable. These assets can be depreciated with standard methods including "straight line" and "sum of the year's digit." Both capitalized and non-capitalized physical assets can be inventoried with Fixed Assets.

  • Calculate depreciation based on built-in IRS formulas and tables to meet GASB34 requirements

  • Capitalize purchased assets and completed projects

  • Document scanning, uploading, and archiving

  • Execute transfers and disposals, produce gain/loss, and track transfer activity for the life of the asset

  • Printing scan-able barcode labels to expedite asset inventory

  • Interface with handheld asset inventory devices

Purchase Cards

The Purchase Cards feature has the ability to interface with all major credit card companies and any bank, allowing a full range of paperless purchasing, purchase card transactions, and purchasing management. This is fully integrated with fixed assets, accounts payable and purchase orders.

  • Make purchases without the need for handling individual invoices

  • Expenses are updated in Accounts Payable without the need to re enter each invoice

  • Using the transaction data from the financial institution, each credit card transaction is directly imported

  • Setup default funds and departments by card holder, accounts by merchant

  • Document scanning or upload receipts allows you to process each transaction paperlessly

  • Flexible approval process


Requisitions allows the user to request the purchase of an item or service. With integration to Accounts Payable and a sophisticated approval process, the approved requisition seamlessly becomes a purchase order to be processed along with an invoice. No manual data entry is required to transform the requisition to a purchase order.

  • Automatic email status notifications

  • Multi-level approval process

  • Customizable approval amounts

User Security

Giving users access to the features they need while controlling which modules they can access is an important part of any enterprise software solution. With OpenGov Financials you have the ability to control user access down to the screen level of each application. With the creation of security groups, the software administrator is able to assign multiple people similar access through a simple process. Users can also be assigned to multiple groups to allow for cross-support between departments, giving the administrator an unlimited number of security scenarios.

  • Pre-built, default security groups

  • Simple "inquiry" access setup

  • Integrated General Ledger (account) security

  • Ability to custom tailor group access

  • Integrated with all aspects of OpenGov Financials

  • Encrypted login information

Other OpenGov Financials Capabilities

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