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Make your data more useful, usable, and used with Open Data.

Open Data Portal

OpenGov Open Data Portal

Communicate more effectively, unleash civic innovation, and unlock economic potential with next generation open data built with managed CKAN, the global standard in open data technology

Tell your story with data

Transform raw data into intuitive charts, graphs, maps, and more to enhance transparency and improve understanding among the public and staff alike.

Make data useful to everyone

Utilize managed CKAN as a powerful data infrastructure layer to bring critical information together for decision-makers, citizens, and civic developers.

Engage citizens and unleash civic innovation

Empower citizens and businesses with the open-source tools and data to improve the community, find new business opportunities, and increase civic participation.

Part of a comprehensive solution for better outcomes

Easily build and manage your budget throughout the year with OpenGov’s end-to-end budgeting and operational intelligence solutions.

“One of the things we gained from OpenGov was a team… who could guide us through our open data experience and who we could reach out to and get answers from in a timely manner.”

Justin Mercier, Data Systems Architect
City of Denton, TX

“Our collaboration with OpenGov enabled us to develop and deploy this new portal more easily than if we tried to do it by ourselves. That let us focus on what we're good at — finding and cataloging high-quality data sets — rather than trying to deploy and manage software on our own."

Andrew Therriault, Chief Data Officer
City of Boston, MA


Manage strategy, not servers

Build a robust open data portal without having to manage servers, security certificates, or expensive on-premise hardware. OpenGov’s CKAN solution is delivered as Software-as-a-Service through a simple subscription, freeing you to focus on key initiatives instead of ongoing maintenance.

Open Data Portal
Financial Management Software

Government Only, Cloud Only

Ignore the rumors: The specialized needs of local government finance can be found in modern cloud software. From a flexible chart-of-accounts to utility billing, finance teams are saying goodbye to decades-old technology.


Empower civic innovators

Open Data Portal

Make every dataset available via public API’s to empower civic hackers and local innovators to create solutions for the community. Promote exploration with natively available geospatial features and powerful extension libraries.


Tap a growing developer ecosystem

Enhance and extend the functionality of CKAN with a growing library of extensions, many of which are completely free. Developers around the world are constantly collaborating to make CKAN even better.

Open Data Portal

Make your data approachable

Open Data Portal

Easily tailor the look and feel of your open data portal to match your government’s style guide and existing web assets so your open data portal instantly recognizable to citizens. Store and publish structured or unstructured data, from large tabular datasets to PDFs, images, and more.


Build upon the global standard

Benefit from the same technology used by leading governments from around the world. CKAN is used by national governments, including the United States ( and United Kingdom (, and major US cities like Boston, MA.

Open Data Portal

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