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Streamline budgeting and collaborate more effectively

Smart, Streamlined Budgeting

OpenGov Budget Builder

Ensure an easy, collaborative, coordinated budget process by offering a central place for your departments to submit proposals, budget teams to review submissions, and managers to present the budget to elected officials.

  • Collaborate more effectively and efficiently

    Empower stakeholders to build the budget together, online, without the confusion of numerous email threads and Excel versions.

  • Improve decision-making

    Help everyone understand trends across prior years, perform What-If analyses, and model different scenarios, so the whole agency can make more-informed decisions with context.

  • Build a sustainable and repeatable process

    Easily roll forward previous budgets to significantly reduce time spent preparing for the budgeting process. Unique data linking gives you a framework for years of use, significant gains in productivity, and fewer headaches.

  • Improve outcomes with one integrated solution

    Your job doesn’t end with the budget is published, so OpenGov’s operational performance and comprehensive open data solutions - all part of the Smart Government Cloud™ - are there to help you throughout the year.

Easy Budgeting Process

“I have to think that OpenGov played a part in helping to make this budget process the easiest I’ve experienced in my government career.”

Judy Smith, Finance Director
Jackson County Water and Sewerage Authority, GA

"OpenGov Budget Builder is a game-changer, in the sense that it really saves tangible time for staff and allows for more transparency for the elected body and the public.”

Hyun Kim, Finance Director
Boulder City, NV

Empower stakeholders

Collaborate more effectively and efficiently

Bring all your budget stakeholders together. Allow team members to submit online proposals and budget requests directly online and easily create one central and safe repository of budget information. Track adjustments, approvals, comments, and more in a single system, reducing errors and confusion from multiple email threads, conflicting spreadsheet versions, and multiple sources of information.

Empower stakeholders with collaborative proposals

Enable deeper analysis

Improve decision-making

Easily access years of historical data and current performance with advanced multi-fund financial visualizations. Help stakeholders understand prior trends, view spending down to the transaction level, and view different scenarios to make informed, data-driven decisions across the budget.

Provide vital context with historical performance data


Build a sustainable and repeatable process

Easily configure once to receive years of benefits by rolling forward previous budgets to significantly reduce time spent preparing for the budgeting process. Preserve institutional knowledge to ensure that as staff turnover, new staff are easier to train and integrate with your information in one easy-to-use platform.

Preserve institutional knowledge with a single repository of budgets

Leverage the Smart Government Cloud™

Improve outcomes with one integrated solution

Your job doesn’t end when the budget is published, so OpenGov is there for you throughout the year. The OpenGov Smart Government Cloud™ helps you operate to the budget with advanced reporting and operational performance while leveraging comprehensive transparency and open data to engage your community.

Easily manage spending to the budget

  • Operational Performance

    Monitor spending against the budget throughout the year alongside non-financial performance measures

  • Open Data

    Publish your budget and performance to a citizen-friendly open data portal in just a few clicks.

  • The Power of the Network

    Easily access and compare data from over 1,700 governments.

Powerful, Easy-to-Use Solutions

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