Benchmark and compare with other governments in the OpenGov Network™. Connect to municipalities similar to your own, whether they’re a bus ride or a plane ride away. Identify whom to contact for new insights and bring these discoveries to your internal operations.

Provide the fastest answers to complex questions.

What if, instead of weeks or months of effort pulling data from multiple sources, hiring consultants, surveying colleagues, normalizing data in spreadsheets, and creating graphs, any member of your government could simply log on to a web service, select the type of comparison she wants, and see results in an interactive chart? And then, share the comparison with everyone who needs it?

Ready. Click. Go.

Get the comparisons you need instantly to benchmark against other governments. Not in hours, days, or weeks. Access the OpenGov Network to gain immediate insights.

Spend more time running your government.

We automatically collect census metrics and financial data for use across the Network. Spend less time compiling data and more time learning from other governments.

Consistency is key.

Use dozens of preloaded metrics such as household incomes, police officers, and crime rates to benchmark yourself against any member of the OpenGov Network. The same metrics for every government.

Make Comparisons mainstream.

There’s beauty in simplicity. Engage your Department Heads and Elected Officials with tools they can use with no training.

View the data from your perspective.

Craft “Apples to Apples” Comparisons. Governments have different Charts of Accounts, making it difficult to accurately compare themselves to one another. Radio equipment expenditures may be filed under different parts of the Chart of Accounts with different terminologies. The era of manually ensuring that comparisons are consistent across Charts of Accounts is over. OpenGov uses advanced data science to automatically normalize comparisons across Charts of Accounts.

Stay focused on the data that matters.

State and local governments benefit from quick and consistent comparisons, but governments also need a wide range of tools to explore data and manipulate outputs to tell relevant stories.

Relate your financials with departmental performance measures.

Visualize your financial data in-line with performance measures to uncover key correlations and relationships.

Blast to the past.

Visualize a single point in time, or view a 5+ year trend. Generate historical graphs with the click of the button.

Control the context.

View information per capita, per square mile, etc. Or, view your expenditures and revenues as percentages of totals and subtotals. Normalize your data to get the insights you need.

Embrace the Network.

Compare your plans and results with other governments. Discover what other governments are doing to cut costs and innovate, and bring these insights to your budget.

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