OpenGov Intelligence™


Make decisions with data you trust

Save time, improve outcomes, and collaborate more effectively. Replace your manual reports with easy-to-use and powerful analytics that quickly transform information into insights.

  • Make your data accessible

    Provide on-demand access to let anyone in your organization quickly explore, analyze and understand critical performance data

  • Collaborate effectively

    Improve alignment for greater impact by informing your team’s decisions with reliable, up-to-date data.

  • Accelerate analysis 

    Explore high-level trends then drill into transactional details to make complex data easy-to-understand and actionable

  • Leverage the OpenGov Network™

    Access and compare data, and learn from over 1,500 governments using OpenGov

“We can create and share the closing month’s financial data by noon the day after closing: a saving of thirteen working days.”

Trevor Minyard, Senior Financial Analyst
McKinney, TX

“The time at which we’re most going to need OpenGov is also the time at which we’ll be least able to think about it. We’ll need to just have all of that information in front of us so we can act intelligently rather than with panic.”

Jason Loveland, Director of Finance
Northglenn, CO

Explore spending in detail


All your data, on-demand

You and your team work more effectively when you can see the whole picture. Integrate your ERP system with OpenGov and empower everyone with access through any modern web browser connected to the internet.

Discover the underlying trends driving your expenses


Advanced financial and performance reporting

Monitor revenue and spending, analyze performance, and explore data from your entire organization. With intuitive and powerful reporting capabilities, you can empower anyone in your organization with the knowledge and insights to make better, faster decisions.

Capital improvement plans by department and budget


Pinpoint your understanding with interactive maps

Visualize and share capital project progress, economic activity, crime hotspots, and other geographic data points in the context of your community.

  • Simplified data management

    It’s easier than ever to explore and manage your chart of accounts using OpenGov’s powerful and intuitive Chart of Accounts Editor

  • Secure report sharing

    Control report access with multiple levels of permissioning, so data is only shared with the appropriate audiences.

  • Automate your uploads

    Reduce manual uploads, improve accuracy, and speed up your analysis with ERP Integrations.

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