Give department managers, executives, and elected officials the financial and performance insights they need to operate effectively. Immediately answer questions from “how much did each department spend on overtime?” to “which neighborhoods have the highest crime rates?” Embrace reporting your entire agency can depend on.

Enable Data-Driven Financial Decisions Across Your Agency

Explore Capital and Operating Budgets

Empower stakeholders across the agency to explore capital and operating budgets. And when you’ve completed next year’s budget in Budget Builder, seamlessly report against it in OpenGov Intelligence.

Monitor spending and revenue throughout the year

Give department managers, executives, and elected officials real-time insights into how expenditures and revenues compare to the budget. Improve access to important information so staff and executives alike can explore data and answer questions without the hassle of a complex financial system.

Gain a multi-year perspective

Explore multiple years of revenues, expenses, and budgets onscreen. Use these historical trends to inform planning and policy decisions. View current financials in context and see how property tax revenues, travel expenses, and more have changed over the years.

Keep everyone informed during the budget process

Leverage real-time data on financial and performance metrics when building the next budget. Inform key stakeholders with budget details at key milestones in the process, such as department requests, budget committee reviews, and public feedback sessions.

Analyze purchasing data

Give department managers and staff access to vendor payments and other transactions. Respond to inquiries about pending or in-process payments, analyze vendor trends, and verify that expenses came from the right account.

And that’s just the beginning

Analyze and report on bond issuances, employee compensation, taxes by industry, and more in OpenGov Intelligence. Provide decision-makers across your agency with the reports they need to make evidence-based decisions.

“This ease of use enabled OpenGov to become Allegheny County’s base of reporting and its official record. It’s our one-stop shop for an honest measure of the truth.”

Tony Cholewinski, Assistant to the Deputy Controller of Management Systems
Allegheny County, PA

Report on Non-Financial Performance Metrics

Improve Customer Service Through 311 Response Reporting

Explore 311 response rates and trends. Find which departments have the most open and overdue responses, and sort by date, type, and more.

Monitor Drug Overdose Incidents Across Your Community

Determine where to target law enforcement and rehabilitation resources through accessible maps.

Align Reporting with your Strategic Goals

From police incident reports to water consumption, explore and report on any metric to inform your agency’s decision making.

Add Geographic Context with Maps

Make maps accessible

View and create beautiful, interactive maps on the fly. Our proprietary mapping engine lets you zoom through and explore millions of data points on the key metrics that impact your communities the most.

Improve planning and communication

Uncover economic development opportunities by examining sales tax revenues across your community. Communicate capital project plans and status to elected bodies and citizens.

Enhance Your Financial System

Your financial system logs transactions and handles accounting well. But it wasn’t built to run reports and provide easy access to information across your agency. With OpenGov Intelligence, pool data from multiple systems into a central platform and easily run reports from one source.

Ensure Data Security With Permissions

With the click of a mouse, determine whether a report should be visible to just yourself, select members of your organization, or to the public.

Save Time and Immediately Answer Questions

Instead of taking hours or even days to answer questions or fulfill information requests, obtain the insights you need in seconds. Empower managers across the organization to answer their own questions and drill into the data.

The Smart Government Platform™

Because OpenGov Intelligence is part of our Smart Government Platform, the software integrates seamlessly with OpenGov Budget Builder and Transparency. Use prior budget information from OpenGov Intelligence to inform the budget process, then export your complete budget back when you’re done. When you’re ready, share any data in the platform with the public with the click of a button. It’s that easy.

We take care of the software, so you can take care of government business.

Cloud-based technologies enable your team to do more with less. And since OpenGov is delivered as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, your time is freed to focus on strategy. There’s no long implementation cycle or ongoing maintenance that requires IT resources. When there’s a new feature, your government automatically receives it without a manual installation.

Anytime, anywhere access

OpenGov is accessible with just a web browser, so your staff, council, and constituents will have round-the-clock access to information they want.

Focus on strategy

We free your time to focus on planning and management. There’s no long implementation cycle or ongoing maintenance that requires IT resources.


Connect with constituents on any device by leveraging modern cloud technology.

Update without headaches

As a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, OpenGov ensures your organization has the latest features and tools without manual effort from your IT team.

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