Understand how financial investments affect performance outcomes. Link data across multiple sources to present compelling, current dashboards and maps conveying insights into the issues that citizens care most about. Create Open Data portals that are useful to citizens and staff alike.

Connect Financial Investments with Performance Outcomes

Highly Customized Dashboards

Share performance management metrics, publish data, and tell your story in rich detail and powerful narratives, both internally and with the public.

The World’s Largest Financial and Performance Data Repository

Connect your budget and performance data with Census data, FBI crime data, and financial data from over 3,000 counties and 36,000 cities.

Collaborate with Other Governments

CKAN’s powerful federated data capabilities let you easily access and incorporate data from other governments, enhancing benchmarking and performance management programs.

Connect to Virtually Any Data Source

Access and analyze your finances in full fidelity, with OpenGov’s advanced understanding of multi-fund financial data. Advanced ETL tools allow you to connect data from a variety of systems and sources.

Enterprise-Ready CKAN


A simple subscription ensures fast time to value and easy access to powerful technology and deep insights. OpenGov handles the logistics so you can focus on strategic goals.

Hosted and Managed CKAN

Get the benefits of a powerful Open Data platform without the hassle of managing or paying for security certificates, servers, expensive hardware, or network security. Access your data from anywhere, anytime.

Resilient Technology

Because it’s all in the cloud, your data is automatically backed up across secure data centers. Say goodbye to worrying about fires, floods, theft, or hackers compromising on-premise servers and data.

Secure and Flexible Access

With one system, easily control access to data, without needing to configure local network security or users’ VPN configurations, and publish data when you’re ready.

Built on the Global Open Data Standard

Internationally Adopted

CKAN is used by national governments, including the United States (data.gov) and United Kingdom (data.gov.uk), and major US cities and counties such as Boston, MA and Maricopa County, AZ.

Hundreds of Extensions

Enhance and extend the functionality of CKAN with a growing library of extensions, many of which are completely free.

Robust Developer Ecosystem

Developers around the world are constantly collaborating to make CKAN and its extensions even better.

Led by Open Data Experts

OpenGov Open Data is directed by Joel Natividad and Sami Baig, members of the global CKAN steering committee and the foremost experts on Open Data in North America.

Engage Citizens and Unleash Civic Innovation


Easily tailor the look and feel of your Open Data portal to match your government’s style guide and existing web assets. Make your Open Data portal instantly recognizable to citizens.

Solution Template Library

Learn from other leading governments and leverage an extensive template library of dashboards to communicate effectively.


Every dataset is available via API, empowering civic hackers and local innovators to create solutions for the community. Leverage native advanced geospatial features and powerful extensions.

Format Agnostic

Store and publish structured or unstructured data. From large tabular datasets to PDFs, images, and more, it’s simple to share the data citizens care about.

We take care of the software, so you can take care of government business.

Cloud-based technologies enable your team to do more with less. And since OpenGov is delivered as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, your time is freed to focus on strategy. There’s no long implementation cycle or ongoing maintenance that requires IT resources. When there’s a new feature, your government automatically receives it without a manual installation.

Anytime, anywhere access

OpenGov is accessible with just a web browser, so your staff, council, and constituents will have round-the-clock access to information they want.

Focus on strategy

We free your time to focus on planning and management. There’s no long implementation cycle or ongoing maintenance that requires IT resources.


Connect with constituents on any device by leveraging modern cloud technology.

Update without headaches

As a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, OpenGov ensures your organization has the latest features and tools without manual effort from your IT team.

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