Reporting & Operational Performance

Improve operational performance with
data-driven insights

Operational Performance

See the big picture

Accelerate management decisions, drive operational performance, and make progress on your strategic goals.

  • Measure what matters

    Increase access to your most important information, and replace manual reporting with on-demand insights to improve awareness and understanding.

  • Find answers faster

    Combine key indicators and data points on a single page to save time tracking down answers and spot anomalies more quickly.

  • Promote accountability and trust

    Build a culture of improvement by establishing and tracking KPIs, then easily convey progress to key stakeholders.

  • Improve outcomes with one integrated solution

    Your data flows directly from the OpenGov data platform, so updates happen easily, instilling trust and driving efficiency.

“OpenGov gives managers, elected officials, and citizens one place to go for key information without having to manually integrate legacy financial systems.”

Jay Winzenz, Finance Director
Eau Claire, WI

“We can create and share the closing month’s financial data by noon the day after closing: a saving of thirteen working days.”

Trevor Minyard, Senior Financial Analyst
McKinney, TX


Put decisions in context

Anyone with access to OpenGov can build personalized dashboards in a matter of minutes. Combine financial and performance data in one place to bring perspective to your decisions.

Aggregate all your most important operational and performance data


Discover new insights

Explore historical data and uncover hidden trends, drill-down into the underlying data to conduct deeper analysis. Monitor and track operations and expenses to make sure results are aligned with expectations.

Dive directly into the underlying data


Focus on results

Establish goals for individuals, departments, programs, or initiatives, then track relevant KPIs to improve accountability and enhance credibility with stakeholders.

Target setting is simple and intuitive


Run efficient meetings

Dashboards are export and printer-ready so you can generate management or performance reports on the fly. Focus on facts, not formatting.

Any dashboard can be printed or exported to pdf for simplified management and performance reporting

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