Engage citizens and tell your story with OpenGov Transparency™. Enable the public to access data and understand how their tax dollars are spent. Reduce the costs of complying with transparency mandates and decide what information to make accessible with the click of a button.

Tell your whole story.

Guide your citizens from data to insights with beautiful visualizations. Empower them to answer questions by diving into the details. In seconds. From any device.

Share budgets and actuals

With OpenGov Open Budget™ you can view annual budgets and actuals, including departmental budget-to-actual performance.

Make the budget process more transparent

Allow citizens to track the annual budget milestones at every step. Quickly publish budget reports with visualizations that drive better understanding and engagement throughout the process.

Explore financial and performance data

Unite non-financial and financial data to give citizens a holistic view. Share goals and performance measures from across the organization. Invite citizens to partner in your innovation.

Inspire trust

The push for transparency with taxpayers’ money is good for governments, citizens and the democratic process.

Answers on-demand

Your citizens need information. Freedom of information act requests and citizen inquiries are critical to a healthy democracy. Respond to requests without consuming your workday.

Save time responding to data requests

Save hundreds of hours processing information requests to foster trust and drive engagement among citizens.

Control what you share

Decide what data and reports go public. With a single click.

Open your checkbook

Surface your check-level expenditures to inform citizens, uncover insights, and drive trust with an OpenGov Open Checkbook™.

Share transaction details

Publish details and provide visualizations with a click of a mouse.

Engage citizens

Publish beautiful visualizations that make getting the right answer a breeze.

Compare vendors

Explore vendor payments over time and be transparent about who you are doing business with.

View payment history

Enable employees and citizens to see payment history across departments, funds, and more.

We take care of the software, so you can take care of government business.

Cloud-based technologies enable your team to do more with less. And when it’s delivered as a SaaS solution, all you have to worry about is reviewing your financial data. There’s no long implementation cycle or ongoing maintenance that requires IT resources. Compared to building and maintaining a custom-built transparency site, deploying OpenGov can be 10x more cost effective.

Anytime, anywhere access

With our 99.9 percent uptime guarantee, your staff, council and constituents will have round-the-clock access to information they want with just a web browser.

Reliability you can bank on

Our technology stack is kept up-to-date. Automatic upgrades save you and your IT department valuable time and ensure that you will always be on the most current version with the latest features.


Connect with constituents on the devices they use every day to get news and information.

Control your own destiny

Personnel data? Object level? Checkbook/ Transaction detail? We can do it all.

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