Operational Performance

Make data-driven decisions, find answers faster, and track progress towards strategic goals.

Analytics for everyone

Easy-to-use reporting, metrics, and dashboards designed for the public sector.

Reporting and analysis

Transform complex financial and non-financial data into simple visualizations. Mirror and explore your organization’s financial structure and chart of accounts. Add geographic context with integrated GIS reporting and maps.

Performance measurement

Establish targets and KPIs to improve accountability and performance. Build alignment around goals and track progress to build accountability and encourage improvement.

Interactive dashboards

View key metrics easily and put information in context with customizable dashboards. Monitor spending and operations, track progress towards agency goals, and discover new insights.

Data consolidation

Reduce manual reporting with on-demand access to all your data. Improve understanding and awareness by aggregating information from across your organization.

Governments across the country leverage the power of the OpenGov Cloud™

Total value of expenses and revenues analyzed on the OpenGov platform

“This ease of use enabled OpenGov to become Allegheny County’s base of reporting and its official record. It’s our one-stop shop for an honest measure of the truth.”

Tony Cholewinski, Assistant to the Deputy Controller of Management Systems
Allegheny County, PA

“To run an effective government, you have to track your performance. We’re excited to use OpenGov Performance Measures to help us track our performance on a number of programs, and then use that information to refine the programs themselves to make them even more successful.”

Rebecca Woodbury, Senior Management Analyst
San Rafael, CA


See the big picture

Reduce manual reporting, data scrubbing, and formatting with improved access to all your data. Monitor revenue and spending and analyze performance across your entire organization. Easily report on public safety, 311, permitting, and other operational data.

Examine and understand resource allocation and usage in your community.


Find answers fast

Save time with dashboards that combine financial and non-financial data in one place. Answer common questions faster and better understand operational performance. Monitor operations and keep tab on expenses to ensure results align with expectations. Spot anomalies quickly and take action sooner to get ahead of problems.

Build custom dashboards for individuals, departments, or initiatives.


Measure what matters

Promote accountability and alignment by establishing goals for departments, programs, or initiatives. Easily track progress to keep your team aligned and encourage improvement. Gain trust with elected officials and stakeholders by demonstrating progress towards shared goals.

Easily set targets on any performance data in OpenGov


Add context with maps

Visualize capital projects, economic activity, crime hotspots, and other geographic data points. Present project spending in the context of the community to show areas of investment and need.

Understand data in context of your community with interactive maps.

  • Awareness

    Enhance broad understanding of progress and performance.

  • Accountability

    Create a results-oriented culture based on constant improvement.

  • Alignment

    Ensure everyone’s making progress towards your agency’s strategic goals.

Use Cases

  • Executive Dashboards

  • Capital Project Reporting

  • Fiscal Oversight

  • Pension and OPEB Reports

  • Budget-to-Actual Reports

  • Debt Compliance and Disclosure

  • Asset and Inventory Management

  • Personnel and Compensation History

Operational Performance Capabilities In-Depth

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