Payroll and Human Resources

With OpenGov Financials, Payroll and HR are rolled into a single package that is completely integrated with the financial management software.

Payroll and Human Resources


Tightly integrated into the OpenGov Financials General Ledger and Accounts Payable, Payroll provides a seamless solution for paying employees. Included with Payroll is the ability to issue direct deposits or physical checks.

Paper and electronic W2 processing

Document scanning, uploading, and archiving

Interfaces to many 3rd party time clock software vendors

Fully compliant ACA processing

EEOC Reporting

Ability to apply global raises

941 Quarterly Reporting

Child Support ACH

Positive Pay

State Reporting

Flexible tracking of leave time

On-line employee portal to allow employees to access W2's, check stubs, and perform information maintenance

Unlimited number of deductions, allowances and pay types

Flexible pay periods including FLSA work schedules for departments such as Law Enforcement and Fire

Payroll Timesheets

Payroll Timesheets can decentralize the tedious timesheet collection process. Employees can enter their work time, vacation, and comp time, to take ownership of their own timekeeping process. With built-in approval and validation controls, the payroll department has the ability to review and approve all time entered before it is imported into the actual payroll process.

Payroll and Human Resources

Additional Included Features

Support for alternate FLSA work schedules - often used in Police and Fire services

Easy input and submission

Live, web based, timesheet input

Document scanning, uploading, and archiving

Multi-layer approval process

Full General Ledger integration

Archived timesheets

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