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Business Licenses

Digitize all your processes from end to end and eliminate foot traffic to city hall with business licensing software

Business License Software & More

OpenGov delivers an all-in-one cloud solution to expedite your processes and improve customer satisfaction for business owners and residents – all while promoting economic development in your community.

Short-Term Rentals Regulation

Manage licensing and ordinance enforcement for short-term rentals, like Airbnb, while gathering feedback from your community on local policies

Restaurants and Outdoor Dining Permits

Deploy a “TurboTax-like” public portal to guide restaurant owners through the online application process and stay compliant with regulations

Health Regulations for Businesses

Run public health inspections on all types of businesses, such as nail salons, tattoo parlors, child care centers, and nursing homes

Liquor Licensing

Plan the current and future needs of your community’s liquor license and review zoning ordinances

Cannabis Licensing

Track the industry from seed-to-sale with map zoning laws and plan tax structures

Hotel and Motel Licensing

Keep the tourism economy robust in your community by offering an easy registration process for hotels and motels

“The one thing we realized is that though we have business applications across the enterprise, we didn’t have one to handle something as complex as CARES Act funding. We wanted to be proactive, and we wanted an application that was flexible and served our needs and the needs of our local municipalities.”

CFO & Treasurer - County of Middlesex, NJ

“With on-premise, we would never have gone from 40 to 67 permit types implemented across eight departments with speed and agility.”

CIO - City of Salem, MA

“Having something that is so immediate when one day [of business] means possibly paying rent or not, the quickness, the efficiency, the speed of modern permitting has been invaluable to us.”

Small Business Owner - City of Portsmouth, NH

“A foundation existed from which to build a COVID-19 response. [Permitting] was seamless. Staff was so experienced in using [OpenGov] and likewise, restaurants had familiarity with [OpenGov], so I’d say we were well prepared.”

Deputy City Manager - City of Portsmouth, NH

Why choose our business license software?

Streamline the Submission Process using Business License Software

Welcome customers to your public permitting portal with language that is easy to understand and includes centralized and important information, such as public health regulations and city codes.

The intuitive design of OpenGov makes it easy to apply for business licenses with tailored checklists that automatically generate with OpenGov Smart Projects.

Online Citizen Portal

Save Time, Renew Online

online license renewals

Set up automatic renewal campaigns in our software for business licenses to drive compliance and revenue. You can also track progress at a glance to monitor all campaign renewals simultaneously. 

Email notifications send all eligible applicants reminders to complete their renewal and pay fees using an online platform for secure, online payments.

Communicate Directly with Business Owners

The at-a-glance visual indicator allows users to monitor the progress of all campaign renewals simultaneously.

Features Include:

  • Custom forms
  • Email notifications
  • Required fields
  • Print-from-home
  • License verification
  • Message applicants

Monitor, Track, and Report on Business Licenses

automated permit renewals

Report on essential trends such as types of licenses issued, processing time, frequently asked questions, or any other custom data object. 

Save, share, and export custom reports and dashboards for both team members and external shareholders.

Accelerate Approvals with Business License Software

Drive compliance and revenue with automated license renewals and public reminders

Reduce Confusion and Streamline Processes

Eliminate barriers caused by previous confusing paper-based processes while approving more business licenses in your community.

Communicate Directly with Customers

Message applicants right within the platform to document requests for missing documentation, progress updates, and other customer correspondence.

Online, Automated Renewals

Get rid of lines outside City Hall with automatic renewal campaigns so residents can renew business licenses online in just a couple clicks.

Monitor and Report Trends

Pull data to track the pace of license issuance. Learn where applicants get stuck and investigate why those steps in the process are challenging.

OpenGov Capabilities In Depth

OpenGov Permitting & Licensing was designed to be a comprehensive permitting and licensing solution, simplifying every step of the process. 

 In addition to our business licensing software solution, OpenGov offers integrated solutions for community development, virtual inspections, license renewals, and code enforcement. We also offer solutions for permitting software and planning & zoning software.


Route, approve, and issue permits electronically

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Provide more accessible online constituent services

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Enable flexible, optimized inspections, routing, and scheduling

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Streamline code enforcement and increase compliance

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